Youtube Comments not Loading? Best 10 Ways to Fix!!

 Youtube Comments not Loading? Best 10 Ways to Fix!!

“Wow, what a wonderful video it is. Let’s see what other people think about it”. But baam!! The comment section is not loading. This is a trouble faced by many viewers of Youtube. It is often very enticing and fascinating to go through the comments. But sometimes, it just disappears. This issue becomes very annoying when faced again and again. Some Youtubers face this issue as well. They are not able to view the comments received in their videos. To overcome this issue, there are certain methods which can be followed. Here are 10 best ways that one can go for if facing this issue.

  • Try a different Browser

Youtube is accessed through a web browser. And it may happen that the browser is the reason behind the concern. There can be some glitches or error because of the web engine which is responsible. To get a clear idea about the situation, one can search the same video from a different web browser. There are various types of browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Safari that can be used for the purpose. If by this method one gets to see the comments then the issue is with the browser. Updating of the web browser should be done to rectify the issue.

  • Internet Connection

This the most basic thing that should be checked when facing this issue. Weak internet connection or low bandwidth can be the reasons for low network connectivity. To resolve the issue through this method, one can restart the network router or even try plugging unplugging. One can also use an ethernet cable for the same. After doing so, reloading of the page should be done to know the final results. This process is considered as basic troubleshooting to find the solution of the problem.

  • Ad blockers Disabled

The main function of Ad blockers is to enhance the online experience by removing ads. Usually an ad blocker is not recommended because they cause issues while browsing. If an individual faces this issue then he should try disabling the ad blocker. After doing so, the Youtube page should be reloaded again to check. Extensions can also be checked for the issue. Restarting of browser should be done after uninstalling the extensions. This method has a probability of rectifying the issue.

  • Convert from Wifi to Mobile Data and Mobile Data to Wifi

If Youtube is being accessed from a mobile phone or a tablet then conversion can be done. Mobile data can be switched to Wifi and vice versa. Wifi connections provide stable connectivity along with good bandwidth. They usually prove to be effective for the purpose. Cellular towers primarily provide the signals for mobile data which gets interrupted at times. If Wifi connectivity is also not the solution then ISP should be contacted. On a usual basis, switching or conversion helps in such a type of issue.


  • VPN

Virtual Private Network also abbreviated as VPN is majorly used to hide one’s identification. By doing so, one usually visits websites which are restricted in a particular region. It causes issues many a times with some other websites. To rectify the surfacing issue, one can disable VPN for some time. To check the functioning, reload the page after disabling. If the Youtube comments get loaded this time then VPN was the reason for the issue.

  • Incognito Mode

Viewers accessing Youtube are logged in through their Google Account. This may create troubles at certain points. To have a solution for this, one can switch to the incognito mode. Navigate through the video’s page while getting into the incognito mode. If the account was causing the issue, the problem will get rectified. The comments will start getting loaded again.

  • Clear Cached Data and Cookies

Cached data are those tit-bits which enhances the performance of the browser or application. Slowly and gradually, they get built up which may slow down the functioning of the website. Hence, it holds vital importance to remove them regularily. Clear cache option is under the Applications section. One can head over there and clear it. This will resolve the problem and the Youtube comments will start loading again.

  • Use a different account

If all these solutions do not work in your favour then the issue might be with the account. One can sign out from the existing Google account and sign in with some other account. Also, try logging in with that account to another system to check the fault present. It may happen that there exists some glitch with the Google Account.

  • Try to load other videos

Sometimes the issue is with the video itself. Try loading a different video from some other channel for identification. Sometimes, the creators of the channel disable the comment section. At times, they may even ban some individuals from viewing their comment section. There are also cases when Youtube disables the comments on its own because of micellaneous reasons.





  • DNS Server

Domain Name System also abbreviated as DNS functions mainly to locate the domains which can be understood by the computer. One can change it both on smartphone and computer. It can be directly changed on the router as well. By doing this, the comment section of the Youtube may start loading again.


Chetna Singh

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