Work from Office vs Work from Home

 Work from Office vs Work from Home
Eversince the emergence of MNC’s, corporate offices were considered to be an ideal place for working professionals. These spaces were owned by many companies. This place offered a platform where people can gather can perform their works. There was no such as work from office because all works had to be done in office. There was no other space to carry out the tasks.

With time, companies felt that they need productive outputs rather than only attendance. So, the employees were told to work from home if they cannot come to the workplace. This made the task of the employees easier. They were provided with systems from the companies. In some situations, they also used their own systems for the purpose.

This trend expanded its growth exponentially during the uprise of Covid pandemic. People had to stick to their homes because of the virus. Companies were shut down for some period of time. But the economy of the world had started falling tremendously, the work had to be done. The companies could not call all of their employees. Hence, work from culture was implemented in many multi national companies. The working hours were the same. People started attending meeting on video conferences than in person. People related to the technological areas were at ease.

But do you ever wonder which work culture was better? Which work culture gave more productivity? Just in case you have these thou in mind, here is a little bifurcation among WORK FROM OFFICE culture and WORK FROM HOME culture.

Few years back, no one of us used to think about working anywhere else other than offices. That was the place alloted for carrying out all the tasks of the company. People of different towns, cities and countries came to one place to do their work. People had to shift their residences for their jobs. They had to travel from far and wide to reach the workplace. Some even faced traffic on a daily basis. But since that job gave them money to live a happy life, they had to compromise in certain areas.

The ‘Work from Office’ culture has various advantages to it. First and foremost, it helps people to become punctual. They learn time management in the process. Everyday their attendance should be made within the stipulated time. If this is not done, then they may have to face an income-cut for a day. Secondly, the employees learn about interpersonal skills. The interaction done with other employees enhances their behavioural skills. They meet people of different arenas. This also helps in building up networking.

The employees have to be well dressed in formal attires. This makes them look and work professionally. It also helps in boosting confidence within oneself. Whenever the individual has any problem, he or she can walk up to the seniors to talk about it. One does not have to wait for a person to come online for giving a reply. The overall environment which is provided helps in all round development of the employee.


The ‘Work from Home’ culture provides the individual to carry out the tasks at the comfort of his house. One does not have to get into the hassle of traffic jams. This helps in balancing the personal and professional life better. Individuals can work until their work is over. After doing so, they can relax or carry out other chores of the house. While doing this, the stress of the individuals is also managed. They do not feel the burden of work pressure and travelling from home to office or vice versa. It is not important for them to stay at one place. Individuals can sit in their rooms or their backyards. They are independent from the factor of location.

In the whole process, quite an amount of money is also saved. One does not go to their canteens and spend a few bucks for a sandwich. Rather, people try to go for options available at their homes which cuts down the costs. They also do not have to spend money on travelling. Some workaholics even turn their rooms into customised offices. They try to design the room in such a way that they get office vibes from it.

Overall, it helps an employee in a vast sense. One does not have to step out for the purpose. This also helps them feel energised the whole day. In turn, they produce better and optimised results for the company.

Chetna Singh

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