What is Google Opinion Rewards? How we can earn money using Google Opinion Rewards

 What is Google Opinion Rewards? How we can earn money using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards has been developed by Google. It is primarily a rewards based program. It was a survey mobile app made for Android and iOS initially. It provided a platform for its users to earn rewards by answering surveys. Android users are provided with Google Play credits. It can be redeemed through buying paid apps from Google Play. PayPal is used for the payment of iOS users. Individuals who are 18 or above are eligible to participate in it.

This app was initially available in Switzerland. Later, the apps availability was made to reach Turkey, Singapore and India. Presently, 29 countries have access to this application. Cross Media Panel was incorporated in Google Opinion Rewards program in 2018.

  • How to earn money using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a platform which offers individuals to earn money by being part of surveys and answering the questions asked. It rewards the individual with Google Play Credits by answering each survey. Until now, more than 50 million downloads have taken place on Google Playstore. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. Android users get their Google Play Account credited whereas the iPhone users get their PayPal account credited.

There are certain steps that have to be followed to start with it. One has to download the Google Opinion Rewards from the Playstore. After doing so, one has to launch the application and choose their respective Google account. The user will receive a preliminary test survey so that one can understand the functioning of the app. The user will not get paid for it since it is just a test survey. It helps in creating a foundation for the user to get accustomed to the app.

The surveys conducted by Google Opinion Rewards is mainly based on recent shopping experiences. If a person is inclined towards shopping, then this app is a perfect fit for them. Females usually perform better in these surveys. It takes few seconds to complete a survey and they are quite easy as well. One can accumulate enough credits by the end of the week that they can buy something from the Play store. They just have to click on buy for the purchase to be successful.

Make sure that you check the app daily and the notifications have been enabled. Try to as prompt as you can while answering a survey. Since women as more into shopping, it would be preferable to select the gender female. Try to visit various well known stores to know more about the latest trends and related information. Be as truthful as you can because the app will detect it through the questions. Speaking lies will not prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Christmas is considered to be one of the best times to be a part of the surveys conducted. The festival brings with it a surge and variety of shopping requirements. One can answer tons of surveys during this period of time. The surveys conducted are run by market researchers and its frequency may vary. One can receive between $0.1 to $1.0 by answering each survey. The amount depends upon the number and type of questions asked in the survey. The more the opinion is valuable, the more users will get to answer surveys.

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