Top Books for startup in 2021- Every startup fonder should read these books

 Top Books for startup in 2021- Every startup fonder should read these books

Every startup fonder should read these books-2021

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

Writer: Darren Hardy

This book tells us that there is a common response from insecure people to great ideas, especially when they distinguish themselves from everyone else. In the journey of startups , your colleagues will respond by trying to shoot down your ideas and drag you down to their level. The best way to handle these reactions is to just ignore them and stay focused on your own project.

When following your passion it is not at all important to worry about everyone whether they like you or not . There will always be some or the other person who would try to put you down, but all you have to do is to focus and the more success you gain , the more people would start disliking you.

It’s unfortunate that the more successful you are, the more disapproval you’ll receive. But you can overcome it by redefining what disapproval means to you, and taking it as a sign that you’re doing well!

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

Writer:Tina Seelig


One of the best books a startup founder would ever read in their life

Inspirational and motivational I liked every story and took many quotes . Life is all about experiencing and learning.


Tina Seelig is a dynamic presenter and an inspiring teacher of innovation and entrepreneurship who believes that all learning should be experiential. This little dynamo of a book will get your creative juices flowing if you are 14 or 74!


Tina gives ample examples of entrepreneurs and tells us how one manufactures their own luck by working hard and being focused.

The very first lesson that you’ll learn from this book is that you needn’t have huge money to start an enterprise – just a cool idea and you can start working on your own.


The book becomes quite less interesting towards the middle, because she keeps on describing one successful person after another but you can still read it.


It’s not a book filled with stunning nuggets of information or enlightenment, but it’s inspiring nevertheless.



Starting a Business QuickStart Guide

Writer:Ken Colwell


This book is divided into various parts, as follows


Thinking like an entrepreneur

Getting started

Your value proposition

Your business Model

Writing your business plan



The “Starting a Business QuickStart Guide” is a treasure for anyone who is new to entrepreneurship and wants to build their startup. It guides your idea for bringing it to life, from defining your core value proposition to delivering it to your dream customers, this book will give you the blueprint that you need to build your entrepreneurial success.


Colwell packages his years of experience in an easy-to-understand presentation to make this book a vital entrepreneurial resource and to flourish the entrepreneur minds.



Zero to One

Writer:Peter Thiel


The actual motive of Thiel’s Zero to One focus on risk minimisation, advising startups to build for the future, leave nothing to chance, and turn down the power of monopoly. Removing monopolies, argues .Zero to One is the first book a startup founder should read when aiming to identify and corner a lucrative market niche.


This book fluctuates between brilliance and madness. When it focuses on the mechanics of start ups, it’s great. When it focuses on Thiel’s philosophies, it’s a bit whacky.


Thiel enjoys being a contrarian too much. Doing something new and valuable may require being a contrarian, but just being contrarian doesn’t mean your ideas are new and valuable.


Worth reading if you’re interested in startups, but be prepared to skim and shake your head.



The E Myth

Writer :Michael E. Gerber


This book tells how to get your business to run without you. It shows how to work on your business, not in it. It explains how to get your people to work without your interference. It tells how to systematize so the business could be replicated 5,000 times. It shows how to do the work you love rather than the work you have to do.


The E-Myth (Entrepreneurial Myth) is that businesses are started by entrepreneurs seeking profit. In actuality, businesses are started by technicians (employees) who decide to work for themselves. The problem is they understand the technical work, not the business itself.


Gerber explains that we’re all composed of 3 personalities. For your business to succeed, you must play each role:

1. The Entrepreneur: a future-focused visionary who pursues opportunities

2. The Manager: a past-focused warrior who plans and organizes

3. The Technician: a present-focused worker who concentrates on the task at hand



Never Split the Difference


Writer:Christopher Voss and Tahl Raz


One of the most useful books anyone looking for a startup would ever read.

This book is full of great tips, practical examples and surprising points about negotiating (without the other party feeling they’ve been cheated), which can be used in business, school, or any casual situation.


A few points that readers should remember from this book:

– Every negotiation starts with a “no”. If you start with questions leading to “yes” (Do you want to help the world? Do you think we should stop animal abuse? …), the other party will go into defense mode. By getting them to disagree early on, you’ll establish boundaries and when they then say “yes”, they really mean it (commitment yes).


– Empathy is important. You can’t negotiate without understanding what (and why) the other party wants.

When disagreeing with someone’s point of view, say “sorry: repeat back to them what they said in a radio voice and then they should be able to give you some additional clarity. If more clarity is needed, repeat.



The Founder’s Dilemma

Writer:Noam Wasserman

This is one great book that is recommended to anyone who is thinking of starting a venture or getting into a partnership to launch a startup

This book tells us about a big percentage why most companies or ventures fail . According to Noam Wasserman, this book prepares you with the tools needed to overcome people issues that may arise when you look upon you work/business/strategies or anything.

Readers would enjoy the case studies that presented in the book. This book is also recommended if you are a founder already to get the audiobook from audible and listen to it on your commute to work.

Slicing Pie Handbook

Writer:Mike Moyer


In this book the author presents a compelling case to solve a problem that is followed by ages . At the critical juncture where the pie must be sliced and allocated to founding members of a new start-up company. I was contemplating the ‘fix and fight’ method but am now reconsidering that decision.


It is so important to get this allocation done correctly and the author has presented a method that should be agreeable to all.


The model is built on a foundation of fairness and also on the premise of decent moral behaviour.

It tells us that it is not certain that all parties affected will act morally but if not, this method will help identify those who are driven by different motivations.




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