Top 5 Trading Apps in India

 Top 5 Trading Apps in India

Trading has spread its reach to more number of people in the last few years. It is one of those methods through which an individual can earn profits. The word ‘trading’ basically means to carry out business via goods, services or money. People have to give in something to get something as a result. Money related matters are usually very sensitive. Hence, people did not want to get into anything of such a sort. They felt as if it is nothing but risking your priceless possessions.

But with due course of time, people researched and studied more about it. With more of facts taken into consideration, they realised that if proper decision is made then there is no harm in trading. Individuals need to see the whether the negotiation is genuine or not. After doing so, they need to carry out proper analysis for the same. If all this is done carefully, there are maximum chances of receiving profits.

Here are TOP 5 TRADING APPS IN INDIA. These apps are gateway  to strong and secure trading.


Upstox is a platform which helps an individual to create free demat and trading account. One can carry out trading processes at low prices. They can accessmany features like trading, charting, analysis and much more. Individuals can go for any segment like equities, commodities, currency etc. they can access it through mobile phones and web browsers. If someone wants to go for paid services, then they can choose Upstox Pro for the purpose.


Zerodha is yet another platform which offers flat fee discount brokerage services. One can carry out trading purposes at Rs 0 for equity delivery trades and direct mutual funds. Rs 20 is the maximum brokerage cost which is charged per trade. It offers some amazing and useful tools and features to analyse the trading process. On intraday trading, it can offer upto 20x leverage. Also, there is zero commission on direct mutual funds. Be it active or passive investor, it is a perfect fit for all types of people.


Edelweiss is a stock broking firm based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers various facilities for investing and trading. The major asset classes included are mutual funds, debts, equity, commodities, etc. The customers get investment advice which is backed by research. They can even view the analysis of the complete proceedings. The Edelweiss mobile trader app is considered to the top most rated app of India. There are three types of accounts that can be made. They are Edelweiss Lite, Edelweiss Elite and Advanced Subscription Plans.


5Paisa online trading app offers discount brokerage services to retail investors. It is publicly traded and professionally handled. It offers trading services like equity, commodity and currency. It requires only Rs 20 for all types of trade, segment or exchange processes. One can go for regular as well as direct mutual funds. Only Rs 10 has to be paid for executed order for onine mutual funds investment. It provides exhaustive research and advisory along with long term and short term calls.  The Portfolio Analyser helps to analyse the overall performance.


Angel Broking online trading app is a platform which offers the largest full service retail brokers in India. One can opt for stock and commodity broking, margin funding, investment advisory services, etc. it offers a bunch of tools and features to make the process easier. It also offers flat rate brokerage plan on one of its plans. Except equity delivery, this plan offers a fixed rate of Rs 20 for all the services. They provide best services with very low brokerage charges.

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