Top 5 mysterious islands of the world that we should visit!

 Top 5 mysterious islands of the world that we should visit!

These top 5 mysterious islands of the world will awaken the adventurous spirit in you. For adventure applicants, there is no too high mountain, a forest too thick or too deep water. These five islands are so mysterious even science to explain again. There are still sand and sea spots that remain a mystery for various reasons. While some remain mysterious because of their geographical situation, others remain a mystery because they hold a secret of governmental facilities quite intriguing.

These are the five mysterious islands of the world wrapped in mysteries:

1. Socotra island 

Located off the coast of Yemen, Socotra Island is really one of its kind. An island with foreign trees and plants of Socotra Island has a third of its plant life believed only to be found in the island itself. Like the blood tree of dragons and huge caves ready only for the courageous to explore. It is believed that the cause of this strange flora and fauna are caused by arid conditions and extreme temperature. It is good to know that 70% are protected by the law for future generations.

2. Partridge island 

The island of Partridge is off the coast of Saint John Harbor near Canada and also one of the top mysterious island of the world. What makes this island filled with mystery is that the island has been officially closed to the public since 1941. Therefore, it has led to many speculations on what the island was used and why it was closed. When it was open, the island was only used for quarantine immigrants who wanted to enter Canada to avoid infectious diseases such as smallpox in the country. Either like an island on the island of quarantine immigrants, it is believed that the island of the quarantine is used as a mass grave where the deceased people were buried.

3. Easter Island

The past holds many unexplained mysteries and Easter Island is part of it. Many people will know this famous statues that are found on the island itself. However, the most important question was what happened to the aboriginal population of Rapa Nui thought they made the statues around 1770. While some researchers think they were mainly kidnapped by the raiders for sale as slaves the remaining raids the raids are deceased from old age or illness. . Their disappearance remains unknown. And the fact that the answer is unclear makes this island all the more mysterious.

4. Daksa

The island of Daksa in the Adriatic Sea near Dubrovnik, Croatia, was the house of the Franciscan monastery of Saint-Sabina from 1281 ° C in the 19th century. The small island also has a villa and a former lighthouse, and it was little used after the closing of the monastery, let alone after what happened in 1944. At the height of the Second World War, the partisans came In Dubrovnik and arrested 53 men suspected of being Nazis sympathizers, including the Mayor of Dubrovnik and the priest of the local parish. They have never been lived alive again. They were taken to Daksa and executed without trial.

In 2009, two mass graves were unearthed on the island. DNA samples were drawn from the victims of the DAKSA massacre and some have been identified. The remains finally received a suitable burial in 2010, 66 years after their execution. But there are stories of the ghosts of the victims haunting from the island, still crying for justice. The small island is for sale and has been working for several years – without any lecher.

5. Lazzaretto Nuovo

Lazazaretto Nuovo is an island located at the entrance to the lagoon that envelops Venice, Italy and one of the top mysterious islands of the world. It was a monastery in the medieval era, then in 1468 was designated as a quarantine area for vessels approaching Venice, to protect the city of the plague. It continued until the 18th century, when quarantine facilities were abandoned and that Lazazaretto Nuovo became a military base. The Italian army abandoned the site in 1975 and suffered years of neglect. The efforts of the community have since transformed into a cultural museum site, now supported by the Italian Ministry of Arts and Culture. The island is currently open for tourism.


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