Top 5 Bulk SMS Services in India

 Top 5 Bulk SMS Services in India

Short message service or SMS has been prevalent in the technological for quite some time now. It is a form of communication through which typed message is sent from end to the other. It is the main messaging component of any mobile phone. The use of standardized communication protocols is done in the process. It usually allow users to put 160 characters including numbers and alphabets.

Bulk messaging is mainly used by media companies enterprises, banks, etc. Large number of SMS is delivered to mobile phone terminals. A certain software is required to carry out the proceedings. Individuals can add many phone numbers with the help of that software. Most of them use application programming interfaces also known as API’s. It helps in the addition of SMS functionality to any program.

These services allows businesses to reach a wide group of customer base very quickly. It helps in all types of business for the strategic planning of the communication. One can send reminders, alerts, updates, etc using it. Most of the customers do not open emails so sms is considered to be a good option. People tend to open it really fast when compared to emails. It helps in building proper communication with the audience. Engagement and stronger relationships are built with the loyalty shown.


  • SMSHorizon

SMSHorizon is a bulk sms service provider. It is very well known for its transparent pricing. The performance driven messaging services has made its name in the market. Good quality sms services are provided by them. They provide high deliverability rates, accurate reporting, server uptime and ample support from the professionals. 100 per cent deliverability can be expected from it. It functions within 5 to 10 seconds on both promotional and transactional routes.

  • SpringEdge

SpringEdge is yet another platform which provides bulk sms services. It has easy to integrate options to enable sms functionalities from the provided code. It also provides built in code libraries which is available for popular languages and platforms. Delivery rate is good enough and they provide round the clock technical support. Big brand like HCL have been using their services. The integration options are available along with crm and erp softwares. The softwares mainly include SAP, Tally, Zoho, etc. Transactional sms is their speciality.

  • TextLocal

TextLocal is a UK based brand which is increasing its reaches in India. It is currently penetrating into the Indian market in partnership with IMI mobile. It also owns an Indian brand known as mvaayoo. They have a good team for the sales service at the call centre. During a promotional route, the messages may take some time to be delivered. The rates are comparatively higher than usual. Also, this brand is less flexible when it comes to customised plans or integrations.

  • Solutions Infini

Solution Infini is known prominently for the army of sales team and branding. There are a lot of people in the sales department. All of them are in an attempt to pitch their services. One can expect more amount of CC or BCC while taking their services. They provide decent sms services along with good voice call and IVR services. They provide these services through a separate brand called Dialstreet. The services are seen to be quite relatable to that of Exotel. The pricings are relatively higher than most of the providers.

  • Msg91

Msg91 is a platform offering bulk sms services. It has a good number of resellers and provide a world wide coverage with its service. The website design of this brands seems very professional. They offer a Google spreadsheet plugin and an Excel plugin. This makes it easy to send sms from a spreadsheet. The pricings of this brand is comparatively on the higher side. They even offer plans for startups. Through this plan, they can get free sms credits by placing their logo on the website.

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