Top 15 chrome extensions for blogging and productivity

 Top 15 chrome extensions for blogging and productivity

Top extension for blogging and productivity:



With this extension in situ, you’ll simply take screenshots of the whole page you’re browsing.

Fireshot It additionally permits you to capture visible space, specific portion, etc.

It’s out and away the simplest screenshot tool I’ve found for Chrome browser.


Simple and intuitive interface makes your work with FireShot professional easier, easier and quicker.


Powerful Editor

FireShot professional includes a inherent image editor. you’ll be able to edit screenshots instantly when taking them or create further changes later.


Respecting your privacy

FireShot professional captures sites and saves screenshots domestically on your laptop. you’ll be able to shut down the net, and FireShot can still work seamlessly.




It helps you to scrape the content on your browser.

You can build use of it to gather your diary post URLs from your sitemap page, collect the SERP URLs for email searching, collect the e-mail addresses on the page, etc.

Scraper ,It helps you to scrape the similar knowledge supported initial sample pattern you provides it there to.

For advanced users you’ll be able to select the XPath or run a JQuery as a selector.

Once the information is scraped you’ll be able to get obviate useless columns and duplicate the datas to your writing board or export.




It makes your search quicker while not the necessity to maneuver to the page a pair of or three in Google search.



When you square measure looking out on Google when rummaging the primary page results gInfinity can mechanically adds ensuing search results as you scroll down.


So no have to be compelled to manually switch to the succeeding pages in Google search results page.

One tab


It permits you to convert all of your open tabs to list beneath one tab.


word image

If you’re like several of them WHO gets simply flooded watching multiple tabs open, OneTab could also be the correct plugin for you.


It instantly teams all of your open tabs beneath OneTab.


Privacy assurance


Information regarding your tabs square measure ne’er transmitted or disclosed to either the OneTab developers or the other party.

if you on purpose click on our ‘share as an online page’ feature that permits you to transfer your list of tabs into an online page so as to share them with others.

Tabs square measure ne’er shared unless you specifically use the ‘share as an online page’ button.

we tend to use Google’s favicon generator to retrieve favicons for every domain in your list,

however solely the name is employed and therefore the full URL isn’t disclosed.


Tab snooze

It allows you to snooze some tabs on your browser, choose a time, and let it open up once a particular amount of your time.


After the time is up, the tabs can auto-open. it’s going to generally be distractive once you’re into some deep work.


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However, if the there’s one thing you wish to see out later at the day this extension may be nice for you.

This extension may be a nice productivity tool that keeps you targeted and helps you keep 100 percent targeted on your current tasks.

Keep your most vital tabs open and snooze different tabs that aren’t high priority.

Tab Snooze for Google Chrome™ enables you to schedule tabs for later and keeps you targeted on your current task.

When the time is up, tabs come to life with a notification and enables you to get you back to wherever you left off.


News feed eradicator

make use of this extension over Stay Focusd.


News Feed terminator

Because, as a blogger, I additionally use FB for journal promotional reasons. I principally Facebook for its messages and teams feature.


I notice this extension terribly useful because it blocks the newsfeed feature of Facebook and replaces it with a significant quote.


This helps ME stop endlessly overwhelming crap and prevents my brain from being reactive to the emotions proposes by those stories.


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