Top 10 Websites to buy Backlinks in 2021

Branding holds so much of importance in today’s internet driven world. It is so because it is the most effective method to gather audience for products or services. People go for low to high level or branding when it comes to promotion. Backlinks also holds vital importance these days. They are primarily used to gain high search engine rankings. They have several other benefits as well. Branding authority can be also be gained through this. If some one is a professional blogger then the individual can build relationship as well.

Gaining backlinks for a website is of primary concern for the creators. Hence, to resolve this issue, this article brings the solution.


  • BlackHatWorld

It is the best platform to buy PBN backlinks. They have proved to be very high quality and are cheap as well. This platform offers many backlinks for sale which can be picked for the website. One can even filter them to be white hat backlinks or black hat backlinks. Individuals can also buy links as comment links, directory submission, article submission, etc.




  • SEO Clerks

This platform provides quality backlinks from their services. Individuals can pick high quality backlinks at a very affordable rate. There are certain other things that should be kept in mind. Listing of the best 5 posts and the length matters a lot. Guest posting plays an important factor as well. But the most important thing is to put forward unique contents and not plagiarised ones. This marketplace offers all kinds of SEO services that one may need. This platform focuses the needs and wants of the customers. They plan and strategise the community accordingly.

  • Links Management

If you are running on a low budget and prefers quality then you can go for this. This platform offers paid backlinks in quite a low budget. The quality they provide is also decent enough. One can also go for cheap backlinks from sites with PR 1 to PR 8. The platform states that their links have been placed manually. If one has any queries then they can go through the case studies of their performance and achievement. Their working process is understandable and transparent. One will not have to get into any sort of hassle.


  • WickedFire

This plaform is the perfect destination for any work related to online market industry. They offer a variety of services which attracts more clients towards them. Hiring of ink builders, domain flippers, content writers, etc can be done from here. Proper expertise is given by experts of different fields. This platform is also considered to be prevalent for quite some time now. One can also hire experts for services like profile back links, article submission, etc.

  • Upwork

This platform provides the facility to hire freelancers. The freelancers are experts in their respective fields. They prove to be beneficial regarding jobs related to backlinks. Buying backlinks gets a little more expensive here. It is because one also hires freelancer along with it. Check out those freelancers who have had more number of working hours. Also check whether they have good reviews or not. View and analyse their portfolios and then agree upon the payment that has to be made.


  • Authority Builders

This company is considered to be one of the best. It is so because it provides tested work results for the customers as SEO results. This company primarily works for link building focusing to provide a specific list of websites. One can choose their niche from the options provided. There are suggested lists of domains such as RD, Domain Authority, etc.

  • OneLittleWeb

This platform is considered to be one of the premier platforms. It offers client centered services. They possess complete control over the quality and transparency of backlinks. This platform guarantees organic traffic with secure backlinks. They also provide choices before the approval or disapproval. The monthly and bulk packages are very flexible. One can get help in creating unplagiarised content of 1000 words or more.


  • Fiverr

Fiverr is known for offering a wide range freelancers to the businesses. Some niches are crowdfunding, SEM, surveys, web analytics, public relations, etc. It is a huge marketplace where one can buy backlinks for just $5. At times, the gigs which are sold may prove to be harmful. They use automated tools to build up. Reviews and high ratings of gigs are very important. Focus on the quality of the gigs by analysing it completely.

  • Loganix

This company was founded by a digital strategist and entrepreneur, Nick Eubanks. This platform provides its users with good quality backlinks. They also provide organic traffic from real websites. The price may prove to be high for some individuals. But the backlinks that are being offered are of premium quality. They provide certain amount of discounts when it is bulk purchased. Stakeholders receive real business results and it proves to be quite beneficial to them.



  • Warrior Forum

Providing affordable SEO services for the websites is the key motive focused here. It was founded by Clifton Allen in 1997. One can invest here with utmost trust and security. It offers the individuals to gain knowledge from professional experts. They provide manual backlinks from top websites. The hiring off experts are done in cheap and affordable rates. This makes it quite in demand.

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