Top 10 Investment Platforms in India

 Top 10 Investment Platforms in India

Investment platforms have gained a lot of importance in today’s world. Profitting is the main aim of all the individuals who get into investment. There are numerous ways of investing from which one can choose. Every type of investment has its own pros and cons. Yet proper analysis of investment can bring fruitful results to the investors.

 There are various platforms which offer services related to investment. Since everything is digital these days, there are many apps which serves the purpose. One can opt anyone out of many options available. Do conduct a proper research and analysis before getting into any sort of investment. If you a beginner in this area and wants to know about different platforms for the purpose, then the article is meant for you.

Here are TOP 10 INVESTMENT PLATFORMS IN INDIA that you can go for because they have been trusted by many.


Clearfunds is an investment platform which was set in 2016. It has been making waves eversince then with the acquisition by MobiKwik. One can get into direct mutual funds and many other investment options. It has proved to be great platform for investment and investment management services. It sells more than 3000 direct mutual funds. It offers access to smart portfolio service with recommendations that are personalised along with periodic management. It requires a flat fee of only Rs 999 per portfolio each year.


Groww is a platform that been launched quite recently. This platform offers investment in mutual funds backed by Y-combinator. It offers a free to use direct mutual funds space. The individuals connected to it can save up to 1.5% in commissions every year. The portfolios are user created which are centred for investment specific targets. Tracking of the proceedings are completely free on this platform. One more facility that it offers is that existing investments can be switched to direct mutual funds really quickly.


Zerodha Coin has been introduced quite recently by a major investment platform, Zerodha. It is a stock market platform which has been functioning since 2010. It is completely free with a massive database for storage purposes. One can sell direct mutual funds without any hassle. Investment can be done directly. Users can track all types of mutual funds including Government Bonds and Securities.


Kuvera is yet another platform for investment related services. It has been started by a team of experienced group of IIM and IIT alumni back in 2016. The key features offered by this platform are overwhelming. They contain rich set of features targeting the goal with a proper approach. It also offers a free portfolio recommendation to invest in. Timely rebalancing of portfolio can be done. One can invest in direct mutual funds and can also switch between different plans. Users can also go for right insurances for requirements to be fulfilled.


Zerodha Kite has been developed from scratch by the team of Zerodha. It is a popular online trading platform for both mobile and web. The consumption of bandwidth is very less and is also very light. It is multilingual with 11 Indian regional languages. Apart from 20+ drawing tools, there are more than 100 technical indicators. It allows popping any chart from the main interface at anytime. The process of placement of order is simple and easy and can be done with a single click. It integrates with the brokerage calculator, margin calculator, Zconnect and pulse.


Upstox Pro is also an investment platform offering amazing services. One can directly place order from chart itself by right clicking on it. The drag and drop feature requires the user to hold on the scrip name on left column. Next, they have to drag it to the charting window. The charting window now displays the chart of that particular scrip. One can also set alerts.


Angel Broking Speed Pro offers customisable tool bar to control ribbon style menus and quick links. The follow the model of discount brokerage like Zerodha. The application is desktop based and downloading of executable file has to be done for installation. It provides the information regarding live market. It can be opened in Excel with rate refresh. It also offers multi desktop options. One can use the same tool in two desktop screens. This helps in arranging the chart windows and easily switching between the two.


5Paisa Trader Terminal which offers discount brokerage for optimal user experience. It has been promoted by India Infoline. On this platform, watchlists can be added with 100 scrips. Placement of multiple and advanced types of orders can be done. The intraday charts of last 30 days can be viewed by the users. One can get the facility of fundamental data for more than 5 years. Transferring of funds can be done directly from the terminal.


Fyers One is yet another investment platform. It is desktop based and has invested heavily in development of trading in India. The portfolio simulation feature can be used to watch the performance without investing actual money. It consists of data from the world on different types like currencies, commodities, equity indices, etc.


ICICI Direct Trade Racer is one of the biggest stock broker in India. One can access their feature of “iClick2Gain” used for fundamental and technical calls. One can add various widgets which is required by the trader. There are many informations available which can help to gauge the market behaviour. Some of them are gross delivery data, advance decline ratio, bulk and block deals.

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