Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Bangalore

 Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Bangalore
Coworking space sounds a like familiar term right? You must have heard it in the recent times. The culture which is followed has been expanding a lot lately. Coworking spaces or cafes are those areas where people work together. Got a task that you have to complete? But you do not have a good environment to process? You can book a coworking space to cater your need.

The space offered has an office like environment. One can come here in groups or as an individual. They can continue with their own works virtually. With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, the coworking spaces have made their name. Work from home culture was put to action. All the offices were shut down but work did not stop. Thanks to the internet and wifi.

But some people were not getting the appropriate environment to carry out the work. They needed a proper space which motivated them to work. In a coworking space, all the individuals are there to focus and implement. Some students also gather there for the purpose of group projects. It is arena which is suitable for all working individuals. These spaces also gave a feel of corporate environment but with a twist.

If you are an individual who lives in Bangalore and wants to know more about it, then you are sorted. This article is very useful for working individuals of Bangalore. Here are TOP 10 COWORKING SPACES OF BANGALORE.


91SpringBoard is a fully furnished area. It offers immaculate interior designs as well. Some of the most talented people come up here to work. This place has its branches at five different places in Bangalore. One can go for membership plans. These plans are price adjusted as per the location. They also offer private cabins and private two seater cabins as well. One can really enjoy working in the environment that this place provides.



Regus is yet another coworking space which is one of the most expanded ones in Bangalore. The have 15 different locations of their own. They provide eminent services and support to the individuals. The productivity of the individuals increase because of the ergonomic desks and chairs. The locations also provide beautiful views to calm one’s mind. One can also get a lounge membership here. Desks and private offices are also provided by them.

  • BHive

BHive provides a zero brokerage facility on upending the office leasing business. This coworking space is a technology venture. It has number of branches in the city. It also has PropTech solution for the individuals to find perfect workspace for them. They offer different range of membership plans to choose from. One can go for low to high ends according to their budget.

  • WeWork

WeWork offers 10 different coworking spaces for working individuals. Since, Bangalore is considered to be the most important place for industries and startups, these spaces are required there. The locations are available on all the important parts of city. It involves a vibrant community with a memorable journey. There various types of membership plans that are offered here. It provides office spaces at all of its locations.

  • Indiqube

Indiqube group refer themselves as Growth Catalysts. They aim to support, scale and launch the startups of entrepreneurs. They help in forwarding the business ventures to new heights. It is located at Silicon Terraces, Hosur Road, Bangalore. Here , one can choose from a hot desk, permanent desk and a private cabin. The permanent desk will cost Rs 6500 per month. It offers a social space for interaction and collaboration. If this location is close to you, go for it.

  • INNOV8

Innov8 is a perfect coworking space for entrepreneurs. The beginners having startups get an efficient workspace here. There exists community support as well. it provides an eloquent workspace for collaboration and startups. This place also proves to be quite optimal for people of different industries. Individuals can choose from a dedicated desk, private desk and hot desk. One will have to contact them to know about the pricing.


Coworkyard offers the individuals various number of locations. The locations are situated in Whitfield, Koramangala, MG Road and Indiranagar. They provide maximum freedom to commute easily to the coworking space. it is quite a pocket friendly option. The membership pricings are worth it for the facilities that it offers. There are almost 16 centres which are spread in 9 locations of the city.




Awfis offers an innovative and vibrant culture to work in. The networking opportunities are many if one works here. They conduct various sessions and workshops as well. This coworking space helps the entrepreneurs to forward their helps in striking a perfect balance between the professional and personal life. One can go for desk options or cabin options here.


Commune Coworks provides one of the best services and facilities. This coworking space is in tally for effective coworking culture. It is well furnished and well designed. It also has custom curated work floors. All types of working professionals are invited here. It is situated in Koramangala in Bangalore. One can opt for hot desk, private desk or a private cabin.


Cowrks provides the individuals an enthusiastic and lively environment. It offers customised coworking space for all types of working people. They also provide great support to scale up the businesses of the individuals. There are three locations of this lively place. It offers dedicated and flexible desks for the members.

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