Top 10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools (Free and Paid)

 Top 10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools (Free and Paid)

Social Media Marketing is an important process that is carried out to promote products or services on different social media platforms. It has quickened its pace in recent times because of increasing digitisation. This process is very imperative to reach out to clients and customers so that more number of people can be gathered. Content has to be put up in order to attract more number of viewers who might be interested in the same. There are certain things that should be kept in mind while strategizing the social media marketing technique. With proper strategy, one can build audience and increase their sales with time.

Here are TOP 10 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TOOLS (FREE AND PAID) which can prove to be of great help if an individual wants to advertise through social media marketing.


HOOTSUITE is a platform to carry out social media marketing which was founded in 2008. Its headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada. It offers a wide range of plans to choose which covers all the main aspects of marketing. It offers numerous inbuilt analytic functionalities. It provides an extensive list of social network integrations along with 150+ apps in the Hootsuite App Discovery store. One can go the free version which is available to the user. It provides advanced features for better control and operation. This proves to be perfect for small to medium sized businesses.


CANVA is a perfect tool for social media marketing where small or big businesses can carry out their advertisements on various social media platforms. It is an easy to use platform where one can create graphics for optimum marketing. One can highlight specific things if they want to. It helps in branding images through drag and drop. One can educate the audience about the products and services easily through some really good features that are present. Audience can be understood through proper research and data. Optimization of content can be done for maximum output.


CoSchedule provides the individual with agile marketing tools which allows to organize all the marketing process in the most convenient manner. It has been awarded as the best performer in 5 product categories. It has been one of the fastest growing marketing platforms during the past three years. It has been trusted by 30,000 marketers in more than 100 countries. One can coordinate team projects and processes easily with the help of it.  One can write perfect catchy headlines backed by data.



SKED SOCIAL is a trusted social media marketing tool which helps in streamlining all the advertising needs at one single place. Instagram feeds can be easily structured according to the need of the individual. The planner helps to carry out all the functions in a well specified manner. One can easily update or modify content and post them with proper product tags. The shopping tag can be rescheduled which redirects the customer directly to the website of the owner. Any device can be used anywhere and everywhere for the purpose.


Meet Edgar is one of the best tools for social media marketing which helps the individual manage their marketing operations easily with the features that it offers. It helps to organise and publish content across various digital platforms. It offers strategic shortcuts and time savers to keep the social media platforms active and updated. One can try it for free or a week to know more about its working and functioning. It is a perfect tool for small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs. The automation feature allows to post content on the social media platforms even when one gets to the end of the content queue.


IFTTT is an abbreviated term for IF THIS THEN THAT which was released 10 years ago on 7 September, 2011 which is freemium licensed. It is used to organise and optimize the content for the purpose of social media marketing. One can automatically tweet their blogposts or save their Instagram photos to dropbox. The wide range of roles and responsibilities are reduced with the help of it making it a convenient tool for the purpose. One can promote their business by sharing Instagram photos with Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook pages.


BUFFER helps in branding of businesses through the tools they provide. It makes the social media marketing easier through convenient methods of visual planning and scheduling of social media campaigns. One can analyse their growth and performance of the content they are putting forward. One can build their community on Instagram and gain more number of audience in the process.



SPROUT SOCIAL is an excellent platform to grow an individual’s business through powerful branding. This social media management system provides the platform to advertise the products and services through perfect marketing strategy. It provides 100% customer satisfaction and is trusted by numerous world class brands. One can uncover the trends and actionable insights to manage the strategy of marketing accordingly.


AGORAPULSE is a social media management software which allows the user with all the liberties to stay organised and easily manage their social media platforms. It has powerful features which makes it quite user friendly. It offers unified social inbox, intuitive publishing, social listening and insightful analytics. It has achieved 96% satisfaction score and also has a record breaking response time of 30 minutes.




SENDIBLE is an excellent platform for social media marketing which helps in collaborating with clients and teams. One can elevate their brand story on social media through this platform and can manage various social media handles at the same place. Customisation and previewing can be done easily. Also, one can choose build and automatically send custom reports. Bulk scheduling and content suggestions are also some important features.

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