Software Developer and Salary in different Countries

 Software Developer and Salary in different Countries

Software developer is an individual who possesses technical skills for the development of programs. They are the creative minds behind the software programs. Creation of softwares enables the users in performing different tasks on the system. Every profession or industry needs specialised software for the functioning. Software developers are responsible for carrying out the creation of any software.

There are certain duties and responsibilities of a software developer. They are supposed to develop and test software for meeting the requirements of the consumers and clients. They are also held responsible for developing upgrades for existing applications. Monitoring of the overall quality and performance is done by them. This monitoring is done through testing and maintenance. They need to possess the records of the documents of all the work for future reference.

Software developers have to take proper education before getting into this field. Their education primarily consists of a bachelor’s degree in computer science. They have strong skill set of programming and coding. They are well versed with all the computer languages. Building software is considered as their forte. They are also recommended to take up internships. These internships provide them with a work environment for their growth and enhancement.

There are certain skills that a software developer is considered to possess. The most important one is innovation and creativity. They need to put in utmost amount of innovation for their software to be different and unique. Next comes their analytical skills. The analytical skills of a software developer is considered to be quite high because it is very much required for the profession. Since most multi national companies function in english language, one needs to know that as well. They should have a proper conduct and good interpersonal skills. Communication skills also matter a lot. One has to keep the information in the most crisp and concise format..

Last but not the least, immense hard work and dedication is required along with concentration and focus. Every now and then, some technology is coming up. It is important for all the software developers to have proper knowledge of the same. Software development profession has experienced a boost in today’s technological era. There is a high demand of software professionals for the technological purposes.

There is a huge competition in creation of different software for mobile phones and personal computers. It is also required in the health and insurance industries. Computer security is also maintained by it by keeping threats at bay. This profession provides a work culture where one has to learn and grow with time. Different companies have different work schedule. Some company’s work schedule is quite hectic while the others have a fixed number of working hours. Overtime in this profession is considered to be very common.

Jobs which are quite similar to that of software developer are also there. They are computer systems analyst, computer network, architect and computer and information systems manager. These people have the expertise in dealing with softwares. Usually, the salary structure of software developers differ from country to country. The salary of a software developer in India is Rs 5,03,078 per year approximately.

Let’s look at the salaries of software developer in some other countries.

USA : $87,102 per year

UK : Pound Sterling 31,068 per year

CANADA : C$67, 109 per year

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