Promote your YouTube channel -10 ways

 Promote your YouTube channel -10 ways

Promote your you tube channel – 10 ways for YouTube promotion .


Trending Keywords

It’s no secret that YouTube SEO is large.

The only drawback is:

Most keywords on YouTube area unit super competitive.

And if you have got atiny low channel, it’s reaching to be robust to rank higher than the large guys.


Fortunately, there’s a straightforward resolution to the present issue: optimize your videos around new, trending keywords.


Here’s how:


First, group A topic plan into YouTube.


YouTube – “kettlebell” search

Then, take a glance at the keywords that YouTube suggests to you.

YouTube – “kettlebell” search suggestions

These area unit all keywords that folks area unit sorting out at once on YouTube.


The Sequel Technique

The Sequel Technique could be a new strategy designed to assist you get a lot of views from “Suggested Video”.


It is a whole defined method (with a real-life case study) during this video.


But if you favor to scan, here area unit the steps:


First, notice a preferred video in your niche.

For example, this video on my channel has over 740k views.

Second, take what’s smart that video… and create it even higher.

You can improve the initial video’s:


Graphics and animation

Audio quality


Overall video content quality

Content delivery

Lots more

Basically, do something you’ll to form a video that’s 5-10x higher than the favored video.

Last up, optimize your video exploitation a number of constant keywords that the favored video uses.



Built-In Promotion Tools 


YouTube offers each channel 3 free video promotion tools?

Unfortunately, most of the people don’t profit of those impressive tools.

So if you’re searching for a straightforward thanks to promote your YouTube video, make certain to pay a number of minutes with these 3 options.

YouTube finish Screens: These square measure nice|an excellent|a good} thanks to feature alternative great videos from your channel… and boost your subscriber count.

YouTube finish Screen example
Cards: YouTube cards aren’t as powerful as finish Screens. however they’re an excellent thanks to send folks to a number of your best content.
Branding Watermark: allows you to add a subscribe button to each single video. 


Promote Videos with  Q&A Sites


Forums, Reddit and Q&A sites (like Quora) square measure a number of the simplest places to market your videos.

People visit these forms of sites for 2 main reasons:

To see new content

To get their queries answer
And your video will facilitate with each of those things.

For example, let’s say that you just revealed a replacement video concerning the Paleo Diet.

Your opening move is notice|to seek out|to search out} places wherever Paleo followers move to find new content concerning the Paleo Diet.

Find places to share new content
Then, share your video therewith cluster.

Share video on Reddit
You don’t need to merely drop a link to your video. certify to jot down a full post that outlines what the community may learn from your video.

And hang around to answer queries and participate within the discussion . 


Send Your Video to Email Subscribers

Promoting YouTube videos on social media is nice.
But if you would like to urge the foremost quantity of eyeballs on your video, NOTHING beats email.
Here’s the way to do it:
First, write an attractive newssheet email that describes why your video’s topic is vital. Here’s AN example:
Email describes why your video is vital
Then, transition into however your video will facilitate people… and link to your video:
Email – however your video can facilitate
Now, there square measure 2 ways that to link to your YouTube video from your newsletter:
Send individuals a link on to the YouTube watch page.
Embed your video in an exceedingly web log post. And send individuals thereto web log post.
Personally, I send individuals on to my video on YouTube.
That way, to maximize my views, comments, subscribers and different engagement signals that YouTube pays attention to.
But there’s a case to be created for causation newssheet subscribers to a video that’s embedded on your web site.

Promote Your YouTube Channel On alternative Platforms

Promote your YouTube channel on your own web log. Backlinko Footer On alternative blogs (via guest posts).
Promote video on alternative blogs And podcast interviews.
Podcast interview promotion Basically:
whenever you are doing one thing to push your complete, promote your channel too.
Infact, I even promote my YouTube channel once I do guest interviews on alternative channels.

Video Ads

No list of YouTube promotion ways would be complete while not ads.
Personally, I favor to promote my videos exploitation organic channels (like YouTube search, email newsletters, and social media).
But there’s a time ANd place for ads… particularly if your channel doesn’t have an audience nevertheless.
The most standard thanks to promote YouTube videos with advertising is YouTube Ads ,which run through Google Ads

YouTube ads 

This allows you to market your videos on the YouTube platform as well as the highest of the search results and on to folks in your target market


Your channel’s overall disapproval and positioning is large.

For example, I recently helped my friend Heini Zachariassen along with his YouTube Channel: Raw Startup.

At the time, his channel was troubled to induce views. And a giant reason for that was that his channel’s disapproval was everywhere the place.

His channel art, video graphics, video intro didn’t remotely match.

So, one in every of the primary things I did was work with Heini to induce his custom thumbnails, intros, and channel art all to match.

Heini Zachariassen YouTube channel
And this easy approach helped provide Heini’s channel a robust, skilled complete presence.

New Videos To Playlists

This couldn’t be any easier: Whenever you transfer a brand new video, add it to a well-liked list from your channel
For example, I printed this video a short while agone. And one among the primary things I did was add that video to the present list.
“How to urge Higher Google Rankings” list That way, a lot of individuals might realize it including people that aren’t signed yet.
YouTube even enables you to add your video to a list as you transfer. Add video to list as you transfer If you wish to urge additional exposure thereto video, you’ll even push it to the highest of that list.
In fact, that’s what I did with my SEO list video. after I another to my list, I additionally created it the primary video in this list

Ask Viewers to Subscribe

 This is one amongst of} the simplest ways that to urge a lot of subscribers from every video.
(Subscribers which will facilitate promote your future YouTube videos).
All you wish to try to to here is directly raise viewers to buy your channel. In fact, YouTube themselves recommends this actual approach. YouTube recommends asking viewers to subscribe .
For example, I raise individuals to buy my channel at the tip of each single video.
Monthly traffic increase raise your audience to subscribe AND hit the bell icon. after they do, they’ll get a notification once you publish a brand new video.
Promote your you tube channel – 10 ways for YouTube promotion . by using keywords, google gds , you can also ask viewers to subscribe….


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