Top 10 Indian restaurants in USA – Best Restaurants

 Top 10 Indian restaurants in USA – Best Restaurants

These are the top 10 restaurants serving delicious Indian food in USA.

524 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States

This Bay Area restaurant gets its name not from the date it was founded, but the day India declared independence from British rule in 1947.

As a result, you won’t exactly find British-Indian favorites like chicken tikka masala and vegetable jalfrezi on the menu.

Instead on deck are dishes that don’t mind blending Indian dishes with international ingredients

Bollywood Theater


Portland, Oregon

Half the fun of Bollywood Theater, one of Portland’s top Indian restaurants, is the space which transports you to India without the spendy plane ticket or 15-hour flight.

Chef Troy Mac Larty, who fell in love with Indian food after a trip to the country, serves an expansive menu at both locations of his restaurant.

Most dishes are inspired by the food culture of Mumbai, so don’t miss the pav bhaji, a dish of mashed-and-spiced vegetables and extremely buttered bread that is ingrained in the fabric of the city.

The pro move is to order it with a topping of shredded cheese that gently melts into the vegetables.


Ghee Indian Kitchen

3620 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137, United States


Chef Niven Patel takes the concept of locally sourced produce to a whole new level at Ghee Indian Kitchen, his pair of Miami restaurants.

He personally grows 15% of the produce he serves on his 2-acre property which is fondly dubbed Rancho Patel.

But he is not just growing a handful of onions and a couple of barrels of potatoes: Patel raises mangos (for lassis and chutneys), alongside taro leaves, turmeric, and even Indian eggplant.

The result is a highly seasonal menu of dishes like Rancho Patel vegetable poriyal (quick stir-fried vegetables) made with whatever produce is on hand,

and Rancho Patel baby eggplant made with Yukon potatoes and heirloom tomatoes.


Vik’s Chaat Corner

2390 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710, United States

Chaat means “to lick” but it also means street food dishes, which is exactly what the menu at Vik’s Chaat Corner is mainly comprised of.

While you can order roti, daal, and South Indian favorites like dosa and uttapam, skip them in favor of the stars of the menu.

If you like crispy, crunchy, flavorful things then chaat is for you.

Vik’s serves everything from aloo tikki, or tiny griddled potato patties topped with chickpeas and various chutneys

Mainly pani puri, a beloved dish where tiny fried puris are filled with potatoes, beans, and chutney, and dunked in a spicy herbaceous water.


Washington DC

thisthis place has enjoyed such popularity that it has not one, but two, fine-dining locations in D.C. that the entire town is raving about.

Executive chef Vikram Sunderam is responsible for a contemporary Indian cuisine that has brought President Barack Obama back here for two of his birthdays along many other

WashingtonD.C. A-listers. Indian classics take on Western fine dining influences in the form of dishes such as their truffle naan, avocado banana chaat, and artichoke mushroom korma (korma being a traditional South Asian dish .

Zyka- Atlanta, GA

Zyka is an Indian restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia that serves a variety of different Indian foods. From appetizers to desserts, the menu at Zyka has something for just about everyone.

Zyka is open Tuesday through Sunday and serves a variety of dishes, all made with halal meats. Some of the offerings on Zyka’s menu include things like chana masala, tandoori chicken, and nehari.

Although some Indian restaurants don’t serve any beef, Zyka is different because a few of their menu items do feature beef.


Tiffin Asha

1670 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211, United States

Tiffin Asha is an Indian restaurant in Portland, Oregon that is a favorite for people in Portland that want a taste of south Indian cuisine.

This restaurant has a wide variety of different dishes on the menu, from the main menu that is available for lunch and dinner to a brunch menu.

Some of the foods on the menu include chicken pakora, Indian fry bread, and pistachio kulfi.

Many visitors to Tiffin Asha love the different dipping sauces that are served up with the dosas that are available.

For people that are feeling indecisive, the restaurant even has a sampler menu.

Chai pani

406 W Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030, United States

Chai Pani is an Indian restaurant that has two different locations – one in Atlanta, Georgia and one in Ashville, North Carolina.

This restaurant  Chai Pani” specializes in serving up their own special twist on Indian street food.

Some of the menu items include things like bhel puri, chicken kathi roll, and kale pakoras.

Along with all these items, Chai Pani also has an item on the menu called thali.

Thaliis the name for a large, family-style meal and is made each day with a selection of different dishes.

Ravi Kabob House

305 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22203, United States

Ravi Kabob House is an Indian restaurant located in Arlington, Virginia.

Despite the name having “kabob” in it, there’s much more on the menu than just their kabobs – but we would totally understand if you ordered one.

The menu at this super delicious Indian restaurant includes things like samosas, pakoras etc.

A huge variety of different kabobs made with all kinds of different meat, and a variety of mezzas and flatbreads.


31-31 Thomson Ave, Queens, NY 11101, United States



Adda is a restaurant located in Long Island City, New York.

This small location can get a little crowded sometimes, but for people that really want to have a taste of delicious Indian food while in New York, it’s a must.

Adda serves a variety of different dishes. Their menu includes vegan and vegetarian options like tandoori gobi and chili paneer tikka.

Alongwith those, the menu also has non-vegetarian and vegan options like rara gosht and bheja fry.



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