How to get investment for startups in India.



A lot of people without proper idea that how to get investment for startup in India, to start their startup or business and Failed. There are few very important points that should be kept in mind before going for a startup or when looking for a investor.







  • Firstly, anyone looking for startups should get the idea that in which way should they get the investors.
  • For instance, It is practically not possible for investors to show intrest in every startup , thus entrepreneurs should come up with variety of ideas or plans that are unique and catch eyes of the investors

Another important point to keep in mind is to make a proper list or chart of investors, if you have anyone or any big name in your mind that you think would help , you should for sure pen them down somewhere 

After you prepare the list, approach the experienced entrepreneurs and request them to further shortlist the names which seem appropriate for your startup.

Taking assistance from knowledgeable entrepreneurs will provide a winning situation for you, as you not only learn the art of selecting investors, but also know which investors are worth your time beforehand.



Another thing is to improve the networking skills, 

once the final list is completed , one should thoroughly go through it and have a proper knowledge about the various investors and point out weather anything is common among them or not 

Once you find them,  go and meet them personally and tell them how  your startup is unique and different from the rest.

This way, your mutual connection will feel more confident in pitching your ideas to the investor.




Eveyone says that the first impression is the last impression, thus one should always be ready and have a classy intro. 

once you are completed with all the other ideas and issues regarding your start up go for a classy and attractive intro that would attract the investors.

introduction  is the most unique part of you business and plays a very important role. So, you’ve to pitch carefully and uniquely!



Founders seek the best investors and vice-versa, and this is what keeps the business cycle going. If you share business goals and long-term objectives in the initial stage, it will show how much passionate and dedicated you are about your business, and how promising it can be for them if they choose to invest in it.

There is no sure-shot method of getting funds from investors, but perseverance is the ultimate key. You may hear NOs from many, but don’t let that get you down. Even if you don’t receive any revert from the investor, stick to the follow-up approach, and keep them updated with your startup’s activities 


Moreover, there are a number of online sites , by which you can get funding, either by listing you startup there or by proposing a unique idea.




GoFundMe Charity











Listed above are various sites where you can get the knowledge about funding and you can apply or list your startups on these apps .


Overall, If you’re looking for an affordable funding platform with an easy-to-use interface, these apps are the solution for your team.

These intuitive platform will handle the legwork, so you can spend less time managing your fundraisers and more time focusing on engaging your supporters.

The best way to get started is to consider your own needs and your goals. With those in place, you can begin to zone in on which of the above platforms will work best for you. 

These sites guarantee that donations are safely processed and will give fundraisers a full refund if anything does happen.

It’s the perfect solution for those looking to fund scientific research, but it won’t help those looking to run more general campaigns. Because it is a specialty site, if your needs fall within its scope of services, you’ll be more than set!







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