How to get International Clients as a Freelancer

 How to get International Clients as a Freelancer

With the trend of starting up one’s own company, there is also a rapid growth in one more field. This field involves people who work for themselves and not for the companies. Such an individual is known as freelancer. They provide various kinds of services like choreography, entertainment, learning and much more. They can be hired by anyone and everyone for the specific type of service that they offer.

Freelancer have their websites where they explain about their motive and agenda. They even carry out most of the processes there itself. Some freelancers also do their branding on radio and television. While the others go for many different methods to reach out to their audience. As a beginner, it often gets difficult to get clients for the work. Hence it gets imperative to brand the services which are offered. If you are someone who has enough of audience of your country and now wants to get into international market, then here are some ways in order to get international clients in 2021.


fr1If you a freelancer who has been in the local market of your company for quite sometime, then you must be having a website. Websites are fundamental requirements to build and promote one’s products or services. One should upgrade the features and overall look of the website.

People often get attracted to websites which appears enticing. Also, it is important to add all the information so that it is easy to understand the objective. Search engine optimization should also be considered while putting up the content. Efforts from all directions will enhance the overall appearance and operation of the website.


fr2LinkedIn is a platform where all professional processes are carried out. Being active here would prove to be very beneficial for the freelancers. One should update their experience and skills from time to time. This will attract more number of people to those freelancers.

Hiring process gets easy as people can contact the freelancers directly without any hassle. One can also learn and grow while keeping a check on the competitors as well. It is a wonderful platform because it has a wide variety of audience present who may contribute in becoming clients for the service.



fr3Freelancers should also connect with other freelancers who have been in the field for some time. This will increase the professional relations and individuals may come in contact with many other clients. Building relations will also help in promoting and branding of the services. This way people of different arenas will get to know what they are being offered. One will also learn about many things in the process which will benefit them in the long run.




fr4Proper branding and advertising is supremely essential to enhance the growth of the service. One should look for various options of promoting the service. It is imperative because this will lead to more number of clients and the work will start prospering. Consistent branding will make people get ease with the service that is being provided. It will improve its recognition in the market increasing the in flow of clients.

This will also help in attaining a proper financial value along with the increment of trust factor. Slowly and gradually, it will also attract people of different sections of society located in international regions. Every place has their own set of ideologies which they prefer following. It is important to strategise the branding accordingly. The strategy which works in a specific location may not work in some other location. Hence, it is important to conduct detailed analysis of the groups of people and then plan out the branding process.


fr5It is essential to reach out to clients sharing diversity. Contacting people of different fields and location will help the service to prosper and flourish. This can be done increasing the number of contacts and getting recognised in that particular. For this, the individual will have to put in immense dedication and hard work because it is a tricky job. Having good communication skills and polite behaviour will increase the chances of the purpose being fulfilled. Look out for people who have connections internationally. They will help in expanding the individual’s work outside the vicinity of the country.


fr6An alliance or partnership is also a good option to work with. If a freelancer comes in contact with another freelancer of the same field, they can work together to make their services flourish. This might be done temporarily or permanently. Both the parties will have to agree on some set conditions and can work accordingly. This way both the parties will achieve the desired results. It will become much easier to get audience and clients on an international level. Dealership will also help in increasing the association with various groups of people and both the parties will progress in uniformity.

Chetna Singh

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