Since our childhood days, we are taught that we need to study hard so that we can earn lots and lots of money to cater the needs of ourselves and our family. Surely, this thing holds supreme vitality but have you ever thought of making money in new and innovative ways? Or anything unconventional? There was an era where goods were exchanged in the place of cash and in today’s era, people have started investing in cryptocurrencies or what we generally call as digital asset. The world has experienced huge leaps in tradition, culture and innovation and now, people have even found out different methods to earn money. And who would not want an extra source of income because there isn’t any amount of money which is enough. Well, not all but most of us own Android phones. The Google Playstore offers a variety of Android Apps for gaming, learning, shopping, etc. But today, we are going to highlight on some specific Android Apps through which you can earn money. So let’s see what all options do we have.


GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS allows the user to benefit from the surveys conducted on its platform. It is not restricted to only Android users but can also be used by iPhone users. It has approximately 50 million downloads on the playstore. It is primarily based on shopping experiences and so, you can get to answer more surveys if you are a shopping freak. It is usually quite an exciting process and it is imperative to respond promptly to the surveys. Females are usually benefitted from this because they visit shopping malls and shops quite frequently. Ensure being a part of maximum surveys conducted. This will increase the chances of the individual to get rewards.

  • MyPoints

MyPoints allows the user to earn rewards via online shopping. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. The membership is completely free and the registration process can be carried out quickly. One can find latest sales, offers, coupons and promo codes over here. You can even earn free gift cards by

participating in the surveys.


SWAGBUCKS is an America based program which offers rewards to the members by providing them with cash and free gift cards. One can shop online, search the web, watch videos and also get an opportunity to answer various different types of surveys as well. You can get points by sharing your opinions and by being a part of polls and surveys. They have paid almost RS 531,072,564 to the members until now. They give out nearly 7000 gift cards on a daily basis. Slowly and gradually, you can see the money add up.


LUCKY DAY provides the user a chance to win real rewards and prizes. It is basically a gaming app which is legitimate. It offers free scratchers, raffle games and lotto. It provides an amazing chance to win upto 100,000 USD cash. The reviews have been pretty good until now though there is no guarantee that you will win.



MEESHO is an app which allows the individual to resell, work from home and earn money online. Lifestyle and fashion products can be sold via Whatsapp or Facebook with the help of Meesho. It is quite a trustworthy app which allows you to start your business with zero investment. Women can start working without changing their location and work at the comfort of their very house. Since the price is not mentioned in the catalogue, you can set the price accordingly. It is one of the really good options to earn money online.


EARN CASH REWARD is an application which pays the individual for playing music. It also provides the individual with cash for playing games. One can earn real cash rewards everyday. One can listen to radio stations, take up polls and surveys, play games and do a lot more on the app. Most of the users have a positive response towards the application.




CASHKARO is one of the leading coupon and cashback site with headquarters located in Gurugram. It was founded in April 2013 and its parent organization is Pouring Pound Ltd. Its foundress is Swati Bhargava. One can save from all the regular purchases amongst the plethora of many different websites. First and foremost, join or login to Cashkaro via Facebook or Email Id. It is completely free. Click on a cashback deal of your preference. In the next step, you need to shop at the retailer and get your cashback immediately because the app tracks all the purchases done by you. Further, you can transfer your money.


With cryptocurrency coming in trend these days, bitcoin has attracted many individuals across the globe. It follows a decentralised structure and does not come under any government and is a completely independent entity. QUICRYPTO allows the users to earn free bitcoins in this fast growing money oriented world. Users can understand and earn cryptocurriencies without any risk. They provide you various offers which you can put to use.

Chetna Singh

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