How to add money in Zebpay to earn bitcoin.

 How to add money in Zebpay to earn bitcoin.

There are few very simple steps for adding money in your Zebpay account. 


1. First of all before starting make sure that you have successfully completed the KYC process for your account.

2. there are  multiple mode of payments that you can use in Zebpay :

– Payment Gateways

– Bank Transfers (NEFT, IMPS, UPI)

3. Please note that the processing times as well as the limits are different for each of these payment methods. Select the most appropriate method as per your needs.

In case of urgent requirements, UPI/Net Banking is more suitable.

4.First, create a Rupee Deposit Order from the app.

5.Then make the payment from your bank using any of the supported methods.

6.Provide the payment information and proceed with the payment. If you’re depositing via IMPS, you should  must have a screenshot of your payment reference number.

7.If you’re depositing for instant transfers using payent gateways, do note that this may attract higher charges.


Zebpay is a cryptocurrency exchange that you can have on your mobile device. You can also access Zebpay on the web using devices of your choice.

You need to create an account with Zebpay to buy/sell bitcoins and other crypto currencies. This means that you need to complete KYC by uploading documents and deposit money into your Zebpay account

Zebpay allows you to deposit and withdraw rupees from the linked bank account.


Every cryptocurrency has it’s own defined rules and not every cryptocurrency protocol allows you to create new receiving addresses for every transaction.

Select the coin and tap on Receive from home screen. From bottom right, tap on the ‘+’ button to create a new receiving address.

Enter a name to label the address.

You can scan the QR code or copy it or share the address via email or instant messaging.



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