Top 10 Haunted Places in Chennai

 Top 10 Haunted Places in Chennai

We all have heard about many ghost stories since our childhood. Especially, when friends and cousins used to sit together during the night time. The stories either ended up being extremely funny or even sent chills down the spines of whoever listened to it completely. Some stories were made up for the purpose of entertainment while some other according to the story tellers, were the real ones which actually took place. With the advancement of technology and progress in the society, people stopped believing in such stories which were once considered true. Some people have reasons to believe in the stories while the others do not believe it because of the absence of proper evidence.

There are certain places in the world which are considered to be haunted and spooky because of certain mishaps or incidents which took place in the past. Here are TOP 10 HAUNTED PLACES OF CHENNAI which have had a history of their own and the citizens believe that ghosts have been residing in those places.


EAST COAST ROAD is built along the coast of Bay of Bengal and is a two lane highway in Tamil Nadu, India. This 777 km road has an astonishing beauty with beautiful sceneries around. But this road is considered to be one of the most haunted roads of the country because people believe that they have seen ghost when they visited this place or were passing by. Those individuals who have witnessed the ghost described that they saw a lady in white standing in the middle of the road. She came out of nowhere and disappeared with a blink of an eye which made the drivers lose their focus and the control over the vehicle.


The Broken Bridge in Besant Nagar has a story of its own which makes the place haunted. It is a desolate white bridge that leads to nowhere. Long back in 1977, some part of the bridge collapsed into the Adyar River which was flooded at that time. The bridge was left as it is and was never repaired again. This abandoned place is considered to have experienced paranormal activities because of which people do not visit this place after it gets dark.


ANNA FLYOVER is a place full of paranormal activities. This bridge leads to the pivotal Mount Road and is located near St. Thomas National Shrine. There is a half constructed building near the bridge where there have been incidents of suicides and many paranormal activities. People passing by that area have heard various sorts of noises and screams. They have experienced freezing winds which later got them sick. So, the people of the area do not prefer to use that bridge especially during night time.



DEMONTE COLONY is a one of the most haunted places of Chennai which is completely secluded and abandoned. The story of this place is that there used to be a rich Portuguese businessman named De Monte used to live with his wife and a son. His wife was a mental patient and his son had to die an untimely death. Though he was loaded with wealth, he could not come out from the burden of sorrow. Later, the land was given to other residents but the area is now considered to be haunted because of the mishaps which took place there.


The Blue Cross Road located in Chennai has a school on one side and an animal welfare centre on the other. It has experienced many suicides which has made this place spooky and secluded. The citizens living around the area have heard various strange noises and laughters. There are dense trees on the sides of the road where the spirits are considered to be residing. Some people have also seen an individual in white standing far away.



The Theosophical Society is a forest reserve located near Adyar River in Valmiki Nagar. This place has a huge banyan tree which is the main factor of all the unusual things which take place there. It is considered that weird loud noises could be heard after the sunset which makes the banyan tree really terrifying. People have heard different noises and names of some people being screamed out.



F2 at VALMIKI NAGAR is a haunted house located in Chennai which is owned by the father of a girl who committed suicide. This place is said to be having the spirit ever since the girl died. It is considered that the girl opens the door of the house at midnight to welcome the visitors and does all the jobs to provide them comfort. People have also heard sobbing of a girl late night. This place has been marked unsafe and haunted by Google as well.



KARIKATTUKUPPAM is one of the deadliest and terrifying places of Chennai which was hit by a tsunami in 2004 and converted most of the area into rubble. This place only has a temple and a few houses where the unsatisfied and blood hungry spirits are considered to be residing. People have seen chopped body parts and drops of blood in the vicinity of the temple.



MADRAS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE is located near Tambaram where a guy had committed suicide after the rejection that he had faced. This mishap took place in the Herber’s Hall of the college. This college is surrounded densely with trees and people have reported that they have heard footsteps of someone who was invisible. It is also said that the spirit of that human resides there and does various weird things like breaking the glass of the window, opening the taps whenever he wants to, etc.



WIPRO CDC5 is a technology park where the employees are mainly engineers who have strong belief on science and its facts. It is believed that the campus has been built on a cemetery. It is considered that a spirit of a human has been seen walking around in the campus. People have experienced jitters and body shivering during the night and hence, people are told not to move around in the campus after it turns dark.


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