Future of Machine Learning in the World. Salary of Data Scientist in different Countries 2021

 Future of Machine Learning in the World. Salary of Data Scientist in different Countries 2021

Machine Learning has widened its reach to a great extent in today’s technology driven world. It is basically a process of data analysis which  helps in automating analytical model building. It is a sub part of artificial intelligence through which system gets learnings from data. Identification of patterns and decision making can be done without human intervention.

It involves study of computer algorithms that improves with the use of data. The computer gets the capability to learn without the need of explicit programming. Good quality data is feeded into the systems and are trained accordingly. The algorithms are kept according to the need and requirement of the function that has to be performed. The performance of the system is analysed through several tests that are conducted.

 In traditional programming, the data is feeded along with the logic. It runs on the machine to receive the output. But in machine learning, input and output is put together. It runs on the system to create its own logic. The logic obtained can be evaluated while testing. The face of technology has changed a lot after the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning. There exists a stark difference between the two terms though they are used interchangeably.

Machine learning is artificial intelligence but artificial intelligence need not necessarily be machine learning. The computer algorithm performs intelligent work when talking about artificial intelligence. Machine learning is considered to learn from the tasks and experiences. It takes knowledge from the information that is put into the system. It helps in managing the user’s machine to gain information from the external environment. They can be electronic segments, sensors, external storage gadgets, etc.

The market of machine learning has expanded exponentially in technological sectors. It is expected to grow from USD 1.03 billion in 2016 to USD 8.81 billion by 2022. The growth is considered to be compounded at an annual rate of 44.1%. the solutions provided by this are being leveraged by various types of organisations. This helps in providing the customers with a better experience.


The future of machine learning is very bright looking at the technology oriented world. It allows systems to learn and improve without the need of programming or supervising. It has been evolving extensively in today’s times. One of the important application of machine learning is improved unsupervised alogrithms. It is used for the analysis of the results. It works on the principle of artificial intelligence.

With the passing time, more enhancement of machine learning is expected. Many data scientists have been working on its functioning and modification. More evolvements have been done to it for optimized results. It will help in getting accurate analysis. Another major application of machine learning is increased adoption of quantum computing.

Quantum computers are primarily used for better integration into the systems. It will help in enhanced anaylsis and to derive meaningful logic out of the same. Some classical machine learning techniques cannot do such things that these advanced integrations can. It has been quite widespread into machine learning and will amp up the complete functioning.


The salaries of data scientists vary from country to country. Here is the list providing information regarding the salaries of data scientists in different part of the world.

Denmark : $1,75,905

Switzerland : $1,13,018

Australia : $1,03,459

Belgium : $1,01,791

USA : $1,00,560

Israel : $94,706

Italy : $85,880

Singapore : $83,667

UK : $78,360

Norway : $73,911

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