Blogging VS YouTube – which one is for you?

 Blogging VS YouTube – which one is for you?

Blogging VS YouTube

Basic distinction between both :

The main distinction between on-line cash earning platform of YouTube and web log is value per Click ( CPC ).

In youtube low paying ads area unit served in video like i,e (0.01 to 0.02) per click.

so you would like to achieve loads of views to earn sensible greenbacks.

Whereas, just in case of blogging , high paying ads area unit served as compared to youtube. so you’ll earn sensible greenbacks even with less page views.

achieving Views:


In case of YouTube it’s terribly straightforward to achieve views.

there’s a feature of channel subscribe wherever if somebody when looking at your video will hit the subscribe button.

some time once the creater uploads new video a notification is send to the subscriber so there’s huge likelihood that the bulk of the subscriber can watch the video so additional views can lead to additional financial gain.

however just in case of blogging, there’s no such quite automatic possibility wherever your readers are notified when you post a article.

Still you wish then you would like to arrange email selling list of readers UN agency have signed for your journal subscription, then solely it’s potential.


Free Vs Paid platform


YouTube could be a free video platform.

Anyone higher than eighteen has right to access video or produce a channel without charge.

just in case of blogging, if created on wordpress then domain and hosting has to be purchased.

constant has to be revived once a year conjointly.

If the journal is formed on blogger then it’s completely free.

however you has to work with restricted resources.



as a platform for publication content and creating money:


YouTube is in hand by Google.

it’s over 6 Billion users and might build a good complete around your passion exploitation YouTube.

individuals will purchase you, and this is often an ideal thanks to grow on YouTube.

You can build cash on YouTube through multiple ways in which like change of integrity the YouTube partner program, obtaining super chats and members.

you’ll conjointly build cash through affiliate selling and obtaining sponsored deals that may be a good way to create cash on YouTube.

YouTube is as a platform isn’t vulnerable to you. they will delete your account anytime if you violate their rules, in some cases your subscribers don’t worthwhile.

There square measure channels that have over 990K subscribers and that they are not any additional.

you have got to be mountain peak Paul or PewDiePie if you would like YouTube to provide you some flexibility in their rules.

YouTube computer programme is that the world’s second most used computer programme.

There square measure a great deal of how that you simply will get discovered on YouTube and outdoors YouTube.


blog post (Blogging)

You own your diary. Your diary is your property.nobody will take it from you.

A diary post you publish on your diary nowadays can continuously be there and can cause you to cash.

You can create cash through Blogging through running ads, promoting your own product or some else product, or virtually something.

You have to optimize your content for the Google search.

It takes time {to build or to create your associate degree audience and you’ll make cash however it’ll take time.

Google is that the No.1 computer program and you’ll build a million-dollar business out of your diary.

Which Platform is better for you:

One of the explanations we have a tendency to like blogging is that you simply will return and alter the text if you wish to.

as an example, there may well be a state of affairs wherever you notice some content provides an excellent chance to push associate affiliate give you simply discovered.

If this content was within the article format, you may merely return and add some links within the text. If on the opposite hand, this content was in video format, it’d be a lot of tougher or not possible to travel back and alter your video to say the new affiliate provide.

Another monetisation profit that blogging on your own web site provides is that you simply will choose that ad networks you’d prefer to  your traffic with. On YouTube, you’re forced to use Google Adsense.




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