Best Ways to Earn Money from Blogging

 Best Ways to Earn Money from Blogging

Blogging refers to online published contents like articles, pictures, etc which are unique. The creators put in a lot of brain and hard work to curate the content. First and foremost, they choose a blog name and get it hosted. Bloggers prefer to opt for WordPress to put their content forward. Usually, topics which are trending or are very important should be chosen for content creation. Random topics can also be chosen to be presented.

Some people have a flair for writing. Often those are the ones who start with blogging.  It requires immense zeal and passion for it to be a success. There are a bunch of things that the blogger should keep in mind while creating blogs. If the bloggers contents are good enough for the audience, he or she can also earn money through the same.

A blogger should try to popularise his or her content to gain more audience. Sharing the blogs with close people like friends and families is one basic step of branding. Taking part in several social media campaigns is also a method through which one can brand his/her content.

If you think that your content has that potential to attract and retain the audience, then it is probable that your content can fetch you money. Here are some ways through which you can make money via blogging.

Ad Network is a very popular way to make money through blogging. Google AdSense and are two most widely used ad networks. The creator needs to get approval on these ad networks for the monetisation process. It is a way of getting recurring income. One needs to have more number of view on the blogs to gain better results. If the number of views will be more, there are chances that the ads that have been put up are viewed. Hence, both the parties will enjoy respective benefits.




Affiliate Marketing is one of the strongest methods to earn money through blogging. It is considered to be one of the profitable avenues to go for. There are many affiliate marketing marketplace from which one can choose. Some of the prominent ones are Amazon affiliate program, ShareASale, Awin, etc. The creator needs to add the link of the product. When any person will buy the product by clicking on that link, the creator will receive a good amount of commission.



The creators also offer services in some cases. One can sell the services which are related to the blogs that are created. Just in case, a blogger writes about food, then he/she can offer catering services as well. this can only be done if the topic is the core work of the blogger. This will not only popularise the blog but also the service. One will gain audience at both the spaces.

Bloggers can also provide services of search engine optimization or services related to content creating. Having better knowledge along with samples of the work will help in getting more audience for the same.


Advertisements have always been a great source of income. One can opt for native advertisement on the initial stage. It will mainly include local news and newspapers. Some other advertising solutions are Outbrain, Taboola, etc. AdSense is one of the best among them. Try to grab direct advertisements for better results. Try and find different networks for the purpose. This will help you gain experience along with better and optimised results.




Sponsored Reviews are a great way to make money through blogging. It help in boosting the monthly income of the bloggers. Pay attention to some basic things while doing it. Confirm about the type of review that has to be given. See to it whether the review is paid or not. There are many different websites which can offer such opportunities. Some of them are Tomoson, Revcontent, etc.


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