How to get Sponsored to Travel – Best ways to get sponsored

 How to get Sponsored to Travel – Best ways to get sponsored

Travelling is an experience which proves to be adventurous for some and relaxation for the others. Most of the families in the world take a trip to some or the other location once in a year. This not only refreshes the individuals but also increases their knowledge about various different places. There are some hodophiles out there whose passion is to explore various corners of the globe every now and then. Travelling is a way to escape from the usual ordinary lives that each individual follows on a daily basis. People collect those memories in the gallery of their cameras to be cherished for the rest of their lives. Travelling is living one’s life twice in their one time lifespan. It is considered as the healthiest addiction that one can have.

Has it ever happened to you that you wished to visit different places on the map but do not have enough budget to go on a trip? If yes, then here is the solution as to HOW TO GET SPONSORED TO TRAVEL?!


People never invest in any plan without the intention of receiving a profit in return. So in order to get sponsored, one needs to present appealing ideas in front of the sponsor. For this purpose, one can go for charity. There are numerous charitable trusts out there who raise funds for the betterment and well being of orphans, women and senior citizens who do not have enough resources to suffice their needs. They often reach out to people who can help them to collect as much funds as they can for the needy. One has to strategise and work towards their requirements. If an individual proves himself or herself to be worthy enough to travel to different places to get funds for the purpose, the trust may actually invest their money for them to travel to various locations. In this process, the trust will send the individuals to various market oriented places and different cities or countries where the individual will have to raise awareness regarding the issues that many people face due to several reasons like poverty, etc. They need to have the ability to convince people for the purpose. This way both the parties will have their requirements fulfilled.


Being a Brand Ambassador of a company requires immense dedication and hard work. Brand Ambassadors represent the brand or the company that they have signed the agreement with. They work for pitching high sales for the company by coordinating and strategising the plan. They are considered to be the most important figure when it comes to branding or marketing of the products or services that the company has to offer. If an individual becomes the brand ambassador of a company, the he or she gets to avail many perks and facilities. One can get to travel as a perk or even for official purposes. The individual may have to visit different locations to talk and advertise about the products or services. The individual will not have to pay for the same and all the payment procedures will be carried out by the company itself. They may send their brand ambassadors to various foreign trips as well if their role benefits the company in the long run.


Many travellers start maintaining a portfolio once they have visited decent number of places. They get into travel blogging as well which makes them a professional in the same. The professional in any field is given more importance than an amateur. Once an individual starts travel blogging and gains a certain amount of audience, they can approach various Tourism Boards. These Tourism Boards hire people who can be a part of their plan and proceedings and work according to their needs. They also require guides who can lead the tourists to various destinations. Guides also have the responsibility to make the tourists aware regarding the importance and speciality of the place they are visiting. Maintenance of a proper portfolio increases the chance of getting selected or hired by the Tourism Board or any other private company which offers tourism to the tourists. The Tourism Board or any private company does the payment for the travel blogger or the guide and even pays a certain amount to them. This proves to be a dual benefit because the individual is not only getting a sponsored trip but is also earning for the same. Individuals often contact other recognised or old travel bloggers who have been in this field for quite some time. This increases the reach as well as the possibility to get more offers in the future.


Public Speaking is a vital role played by the individual who represents certain group, community, political party, brands, etc. This is the primary method by which the motive or agenda is put forward in front of the audience. For this purpose, the groups need people who are confident enough to speak to a large crowd. If an individual has the qualities to speak in front of a large gathering then they prove to be perfect for the requirement. The groups or communities use them as a figure to layout the plan and work to the audience. These individuals have that captivating ability to influence people’s decisions and choices in the positive direction. For doing such a sort of work, they are paid and their travels fares are managed by the community itself. One may have to travel to various corners of the world for this purpose. This indeed is a tricky job but has some really attractive perks which makes some people to choose this as their main stream work.


Contacting and reaching out to more number of people is also one way of getting sponsorship to travel. One can reach out to their friends and families who can contribute small amounts for the purpose. Little by little, one can collect a huge amount if people start contributing. Brief them about your passion of travelling and the hurdle of not having enough cash for the same. It is the near and dear ones who will understand you and your passion at the end of the day.

Chetna Singh

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