Best 10 Tips to Improve the Readability of the Blog Posts

 Best 10 Tips to Improve the Readability of the Blog Posts

Blogging is passion for many creators. Curating articles can be really interesting and exciting. People post their articles on the internet. The articles can be written on diversified topics. On one day, the creator can write on environment and on the other day he may write on science. The list of possibilities are endless. Posting those articles on the internet can bring an enormous amount of audience. People from all over the world can go through what one has written sitting in a room. Internet is premier platform where one can do anything and everything. But many a times, blogs do not get the right amount of support. This could be possible because of the readability factor.

If you want to grab the attention of more audience then this article is for you. Here are BEST 10 TIPS TO IMPROVE THE READABILITY OF THE BLOG POSTS.

  • Simple Structure Sentence

Try forming sentences which are simpler. One should curate the article in such a way that a student of 8th standard can read it. This is the most basic and fundamental requirement to improve the readability. Sentences should be short and simple. If one has to add more information regarding the topic then he should start with another line. This will help in keep the sentences short. Also, it will help to increase the word limit of the blog. Avoid using fancy words. Use words which are common and can be understood by all.


  • Shorter Paragraphs

While writing shorter and simpler sentences, keep in mind to reduce the length of the paragraphs. If a paragraph has a lot of content, divide it into two or three. Make sure that each of your paragraph has around hundred words. Dividing the paragraphs will make it easier for the person reading it. People tend to get bored when they have to read longer paragraphs. Hence, this tip can prove to be a boon for your blog post.

  • Include Headers

When writing different paragraphs, try to include headers. This will make the reader understand the topic that is covered in the paragraph. Headers should be to the point and attractive. Try to put in as much innovation that you can. The font size of the headers should be different than that of the normal text. This will help in distinguishing and identifying various parts of the blog post. Headers should be clear and precise. It should not confuse the reader or else people will not continue reading.



  • Addition of Transition Words

Transition words are those words which combine two parts of the statement. Words like and, moreover, besides, etc are some examples of transition words. Usage of these words gives the sentences variety. It also very helpful to increase the readability of the blog posts. It makes the text more understandable.

  • Bulleted List

Try using bullets while listing all the points. Bullets tend to attract people more. It also makes the listing process easy to understand. One can mention several points while using this. It can also be used while explaining different parts of the topic. The post can be structured through. The main points of the paragraph will also get highlighted.




  • Light Background

The background of the blog posts matter a lot. The background should be kept as white or any other light colour. The font colour should be kept dark to create contrast. The simplicity involved will help to fetch more readers for the articles. This basically is related to the psychology of humans. Hence, it will improve the readability of the blog post.

  • Add Images

The addition of images to any content makes it more interesting and enticing. Try adding images related to content in the blog post. This will attract the readers and it will increase the readability. For different paragraphs, one can use different kinds of images. Try to bring in some contrast while adding. Do not put pictures of exactly the same type. Also, keep in mind that there should be proper spacing while adding images. See to it that the content is more than the pictures. Images should not take up the whole space of the blog post.


  • Comparatively Long Introduction

The introduction of the article should be kept long yet precise. In this manner, the reader will get to know about the whole theme in the beginning. And if the content excites them, they would want to read it till the very end. Keep in mind that one does not have to give all the information in the introduction itself.

  • Ask Questions

Questioning can play an important role to increase the readability of the blog post. Question the reader about their point of view or perspective. This will bring more involvement during the reading process. This will excite the readers and they would want to continue with the blog post.





  • Put in some Emotions

The whole article should not feel bland. Try to mix in some feelings and emotions. Do not keep it specific to facts and figures only. This may decrease the enthusiasm of the reader. Hence, the readability will br affected in the process. So, it is very important to put in feelings related to the topic. Do keep in mind not to hurt the sentiments of anyone during the process of doing so

Chetna Singh

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