Best 5 Indian Food Items

 Best 5 Indian Food Items

Variety of cooked curries on display at Camden Market in London

Indian food can be amazing when cooked with right proportion and love!

Food contributes amazingly in the Indian culture. There exists a plethora of food items. Every state has its own speciality. Whether one craves for desserts or something spicy, India has something for everyone. Foodies will totally love a food tour in India. From to Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Rajasthan to the Seven Sisters, food items are abundant.

India is specially known for spicy food. Red chilli powder and turmeric are one of the major spices. Most of the houses in the country definitely uses them. The country is also famous for various dessert items as well. Be it masala chai or poha, samosa or kachori, we have enough diversity.

Every state follows its own culture. Along with it, they have different methods to prepare dishes. One can relish the amazing street food of various places of India. If you want to know some of the amazing mouth watering dishes then we have you sorted. Here are BEST 5 FOOD ITEMS OF INDIA.


Are you craving for some spice and sour, then Panipuri is what you need. This is one of the best Indian food that one can get anywhere. The culture of panipuri is seen more at places offering street food. One can even get it in restaurants. But the actual fun of having them is standing by a stall on a street corner. This food basically comprises of a thin shelled round covering made of flour. A mixture of spiced potatoes and beans are put into it. Along with that, a tasty sour tamarind water is added. This multiplies the taste of panipuri.

Some people also like to have dahi puri. In this item, the tamarind water is replaced by curd. Along with it is added tamarind paste and some spices. There are various methods followed at different places. But the best part is that all of them tastes great. Some vendors also use raw mango water instead of tamarind water. There are various ways that are devised to make the filling of the panipuri. Be it small or big, panipuri is the best street food that one can have in India.









Chicken Biryani traces its origin from Persia. This dish was then transformed to some extent by the Mughals. With the change in the making process, chicken biryani is now completely an Indian food. This dish comprises of scented rice cooked with spices and condiments. Along with it is added chicken pieces. The dish turns amazing when there is addition of kewra to it.

Different states use different kinds of rices for the purpose. Some use long grains while the others use small ones. Some go for scented rice grains while others go for non scented ones. There are different methods of preparing it. Hyderabadi biryani is considered to be one of the best kinds of chicken biryani. Lucknow is famous for pulaos and not biryani to be exact. Chicken biryani has undergone various transformations in previous decades and centuries. Yet, it is one of the best dishes that one can have in India.







Masala Dosa is an Indian food which traces its origin from South India. This dish is loved by both North and South Indians. Though the process gets a little different, the actual preparation is overall the same. Dosa is mainly prepared from fermented rice and dal. These fermented items are then blended in a mixture to get a fine paste. The mixture is spread on a tawa and cooked with ghee or oil. In the middle, a potato filling is added. This is the masala part of ‘Masala Dosa’.

Sambhar and coconut chutney accompanies this dish. Sambhar is primarily pulses which are cooked with tamarind, vegetables and curry leaves. The coconut chutney also has curry leaves in it. The complete combination of this platter can make anyone lick their fingers. Though one can find masala dosa in all parts of the country, the best ones are available in Tamil Nadu. This state is recognised for Masala Dosa, Idli Vada, Uttapam, etc dishes of the South.




Who does not like to eat pakoras when it rains? Pakoras are made in almost all North Indian families. Rainy season is the perfect time to make them. They are basically any vegetable or other item that has a coating on top. This dish is prepared by deep frying it. There are many types of pakoras that can be made.

If an individual is vegetarian, they can go for paneer pakora, aloo pakora, kanda pakora or any other vegetables. Non vegetarians can opt for chicken pakora, fish pakora, egg pakora, etc. This dish is eaten along with chutney. The chutneys are of various types. Some prefer sweet ones while the others prefer sour ones. Curd can also be used as chutney in some cases. The list of pakoras is quite long to mention.


jalebi with rabdi made from condensing milk, famous dessert sweet from India

Have you ever waited outside a confectionery shop to buy Jalebi Rabdi? This Indian Food is considered to be one of the best desserts of all times. It is prepared by a liquid flour mixture. This mixture is added in a frying vessel by moving in circular motion. This dish is usually orange or red in colour. It is then soaked in sugar syrup.

Rabdi is made by thickening of milk. Milk is boiled at low temperature along with sugar, cardamom and rose water. Later, the milk starts to thicken. When the desired consistency is achieved, it is kept in fridge to cool. Jalebi is served with Rabdi on top of it. These two make the best combination of a sweet dish that one can possibly make.

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