Chetna Singh

Software Developer and Salary in different Countries

Software developer is an individual who possesses technical skills for the development of programs. They are the creative minds behind the software programs. Creation of softwares enables the users in performing different tasks on the system. Every profession or industry needs specialised software for the functioning. Software developers are responsible for carrying out the creation […]Read More

Top 5 Bulk SMS Services in India

Short message service or SMS has been prevalent in the technological for quite some time now. It is a form of communication through which typed message is sent from end to the other. It is the main messaging component of any mobile phone. The use of standardized communication protocols is done in the process. It […]Read More

Top 10 Skills Every Entrepreneur should Master

In recent times, the world has witnessed many entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are those people who set up their own business. Through that business, they reach out to clients to provide them products and services. In this competitive era, there aremany entrepreneurs who have come up. But not all of them get successful in the long run. […]Read More

How to start 3D Wall Painting Business

3D Wall Painting Business is quite a creative sort of business quite in demand these days. Painting has been in existence for centuries. People have always loved this art culture and so, it is expanding its roots today. Wall architecture was predominant during the reign of emperors. Paintings were usually  made in a slate or […]Read More

How to start Real Estate Investment Business

Real Estate Investment Businesses have experienced a boom in the recent times. It is considered to be a type of profession which involves a great risk. But if someone proves to be successful in it, he or she will have tremendous wealth at the end of the day. One needs to think like a business […]Read More

Top 10 Business in USA

Business is one such profession which has been functioning since time immemorial. Ever since the rule of emperors and the period of monarchy, mankind has witnessed the existence of business. It has several types and forms of its own. People have devised different strategies for running it as well. In today’s world, countries are making […]Read More

Apps that you need to have in your Android Smartphone

Today’s world is completely technology oriented. One needs to use mobile phones, internet and browsers for most of the jobs. Living without internet for a day would mean losing contacts with the whole world. Smartphone is there in everyone’s hands these days. No one dares to head out of the house without grabbing it. It […]Read More

What is Automation all about?

Automation is said to be the technique to create and apply technology for monitoring and controlling the production of products and services. It is basically considered to be a technique of making a system operate automatically. The individuals who are professional in this field are involved in the creation and application of technology for the […]Read More

Top 10 Investment Platforms in India

Investment platforms have gained a lot of importance in today’s world. Profitting is the main aim of all the individuals who get into investment. There are numerous ways of investing from which one can choose. Every type of investment has its own pros and cons. Yet proper analysis of investment can bring fruitful results to […]Read More

What is Google Opinion Rewards? How we can earn money

Google Opinion Rewards has been developed by Google. It is primarily a rewards based program. It was a survey mobile app made for Android and iOS initially. It provided a platform for its users to earn rewards by answering surveys. Android users are provided with Google Play credits. It can be redeemed through buying paid […]Read More