Apps that you need to have in your Android Smartphone

 Apps that you need to have in your Android Smartphone

Today’s world is completely technology oriented. One needs to use mobile phones, internet and browsers for most of the jobs. Living without internet for a day would mean losing contacts with the whole world. Smartphone is there in everyone’s hands these days. No one dares to head out of the house without grabbing it. It contains a world of information behind that 5 inch screen. Whether one wants to look for a new dress or wants to check social media, smartphones are used for all the purposes.

There are many applications available in a single smartphone. Different applications have different purposes to fulfil. Some are gaming applications while the others are e commerce applications. Massive amount of them are available in the Play Store. One can download them with the help of internet. Some of them are in your phone by default, while the others have to be downloaded. If you are wondering what those apps that should definitely be in your smartphone, then this article is for you.

Here are some amazing apps that you have in your smartphone. These apps will provide you with necessary as well as luxurious services.


E commerce apps have become a part of the life for the people of this generation. Whether one wants to buy a mobile phone or a new garment, everyone opens one or the other e commerce apps for the purpose. There are many applications which are based on a specific type of product or service. Some applications are primarily based on clothing and footwear while some others are based on electronic gadgets.

There are many apps available from which one can choose. People tend to download two or three apps of the same type so that they can distinguish accordingly. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra are apps from where one can purchase maximum items like clothing, footwear, daily necessities, etc.


Since documents holds so much importance in professional atmosphere, scanning holds vitality too. Scanned documents are required when one has to fill forms or send their important documents to the head of any organisation. Since not everyone possesses scanners, scanning apps are of great help in these times.

CamScanner, BharatScanner, etc are some apps that serves the purpose really well. Scanned documents can be edited accordingly and it will remain saved there itself. Individuals can attach and share the documents through whichever medium they prefer.


Payment processes have gone digital in today’s world. If someone has to pay a certain amount to the other, they prefer paying them online. Cash taking and giving system has reduced to quite an extent. Maybe because there were chances of fraud. When one makes online payment, there is always a record of the amount that has been sent from one person to the other. This acts as a proof in case of any issues.

There are many payment apps that have been used by massive number of individuals. Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc are some of the apps that can be used for payment purposes.

  • MAPS

Maps are really important when one is new to a specific place. They help individuals to track the location they are in or want to visit. One just has to put in their location and the destination. The maps will provide a proper route keeping in concern the issue of traffic jams. There is a voice that is inbuilt in the app which even specifies the direction and steps that have to be taken. All this makes heading out to a new place really comfortable.

Google Maps is one such application which has been used extensively by people to locate different places.


Who isn’t on social media these days? Almost each person of the crowd. Social media has become an important part of people’s lives. Individuals are so much into social media that they cannot live a day without it. Social media helps individuals to stay connected to the world. It provides them with latest information and trends of the society. People living thousand miles away can see each other’s pictures or talk to them without any hassle.

Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc are some major social networking sites that are used by maximum population of the world.

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