AllDebrid vs Real Debrid. Which one is better?

 AllDebrid vs Real Debrid. Which one is better?

AllDebrid and Real Debrid! Have you heard about these terms before? AllDebrid provides the individual the service of online multi downloader. Real Debrid provides a multi hosting which is completely unrestricted. Due to unrestriction factor, one can stream and download videos quickly.

  • AllDebrid

It possesses the ability to remove restrictions imposed by file hosting services. The premium users are allowed to unlock or debrid limited content. They can also convert magnet links to direct download links. It can be done very easily. One has to reach out to the online tool. After that, copy the links to unlock. A green button will appear saying “Generate my Links”. Click on it and one can now download the new links.

It brings in numerous hosts and streams to get best quality links. The functions that provided is all massive. It supports 900+ streams. One can access live TV streams directly. They provide the individual with 70+ server hosts. One can take up a 7 day free trial to test the services. There is not more than 50% load on the servers. This is done to maximise the download speed for online users. The Chrome and Firefox links are very compatible. It is also highly configurable with high download speed. Downloads are imperceptible to the ISP. It downloads using HTTPS. One can play directly from magnet links. There are massive number of tools and ad ons as well. Individuals can also enjoy increase speeds at non peak times.

One can sign up at their official website. They provide a free trial service for 7 days. The payment can be done via Bitcoin, Credit Card or Amazon Pay.

It is a legal software which provides hosting. It gives itself plausible deniability because it cannot police every single download link. They have been operating successfully since 2011.


  • Real Debrid

It is a platform which offers unrestricted multi hosting. One can stream and download videos in best quality. It provides high quality links on the server for smooth streaming. Aggregation of links are done from 56 supported hosts. The major hosts are Big4Shared, FileFactory, Mega, etc. It is a completely legal service. One should go for VPN for Real Debrid. The best option to go for is StrongVPN. It is fully compatible with Real Debrid. It keeps zero logs along with amazing speed. Streaming can be done privately without the issue of lags. One will also circumvent ISP throttling. Individuals can also benefit by getting those links which aren’t accessed by other users.

Downloading of files can be done very easily. Unlimited bandwidth is offered for downloading of the file quickly. It also recommend using Internet Download Manager instead of web browser. It can convert torrents to direct links quickly. One can even paste magnet links and convert them to regular files. The individuals will have to pay for the service. There is no free trial service that is offered. One can redeem fidelity points to gain additional access.

Individuals can access high speed downloads of up to 1000 Mbps. There is no advertisement that comes up. There is unlimited traffic and parellel downloads. Also, there are multiple hosters on a single website. The downloads are AES secured. It also supports download accelerators. One will not have to face low quality or buffering issues.

  • AllDebrid VS Real Debrid

These two are considered to be the most popular add  ons. Real Debris is the most liked choice for Kodi users. Massive amount of people avail the services for streaming. Currently, AllDebrid has attracted the audience. It is provided with SSL. The users can pass through firewalls without getting restricted. The downloads are totally encrypted and no one else can retrieve the information of downloads. One can utilise unlimited speed on many file hosters. It is optimised with Kodi. It has its extensions on browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. It offers a number of tools to make the streaming smoother.

Real Debrid is considered to be more popular than AllDebrid. This downloading service reduces buffering. It includes many servers which host user files. They allow them to buffer at high speed. This makes the downloading, streaming and sharing easier. It clusters the links from supported hosts. They provide with excellent content. And to get all of it, one will have to make the payment.

Both of these provide file hosting services. First and foremost, one has to create an account. After doing so, the payment of the subscription is carried out. They operate without any lags on apps like Cinema APK, Kodi, etc. AllDebrid provides an option of free 7 day trial which Real Debris does not offer. They offer unlimited bandwidth for premium members. The support system for the customers functions at the same level. Since AllDebrid offers a 7 day free trial, it allows the user to understand its pros and cons much better. So it would be advised to go for AllDebrid for smooth streaming purposes.

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