Want to buy that gadget you have been wanting for a long time? Or maybe those skincare products which make you spend some solid bucks? But your budget prohibits you from doing so? It happens with most of us and it feels quite disappointing. Money is something all of us wants to own in really really good amount so that we don’t really have to give a second thought before buying anything that we wish for. But will students or freshers do who have just enough amount of money to suffice their necessities? They can try out different options available today but who has got the time to run to the venue of the part-time office after working hard the whole day. Well, where there is a will, there is always a way. There are many options in today’s market to choose from. We have gathered 7 WAYS TO EARN MONEY ONLINE. Just own the technical stuffs and you’re sorted to begin with any of them without any hassle. Put your heart and mind to it and we are sure that one of them will surely work out for you and who knows, you might actually start being a recognised face in that particular field.


YOUTUBE is a platform where one can find videos related to any topic which we are in quest of. There are millions of Youtubers across the globe who have used Youtube as their means to earn money. The Youtuber with 5 million subscribers that you subscribed yesterday earns quite a good amount by posting their content. If you feel that you have the potential to produce exclusive and amazing content for the viewers then you can try to test yourself on this platform. You will have to post quality videos on a regular basis so that you can get a watchtime of 4000 hours on your Youtube channel. Also, you are supposed to have 1000 subscribers on your channel to start the monetisation process. There are certain guidelines that Youtube expects the creator of the channel to follow. Keep those in mind and your consistency and efforts will actually pay you off.


E-COMMERCE WEBSITE is a good way to attain recognition in today’s market. If you think you can offer products or services to the customers, then this can prove to be a great option for you. You will have to prepare a website for the purpose where people can come and checkout the products and services that you offer. It will also be important to update the website, products and services according to the demand of the client. You’ll have to engage in proper branding and marketing of your website so that more number of people come up to you. Maintaining cordial relations with the clients will also be of vital importance and people will recognise you for your professionalism.


Do you feel that you have profound knowledge on a certain topic or subject and want to earn money from the same? If yes, then this option is going to be a boon for you. In this fast paced technological era, students have started preferring online tuitions and mentoring for their studies rather than going to coaching institutes. You can create connections with the people who want to be online tutors or advertise yourself on social platforms. This will get you students and you won’t have to go to a remote location for the purpose. You can stay in the comfortable environment of your room and spread knowledge to a number of students willing to learn.


Do you have a flair for writing and can actually curate articles on various topics? If the answer is yes, then you can go ahead and try out blogging. Want to search the recipe of apple pie? Just type it in the search box and you will get ample number of blogs regarding the same. Start writing blogs on topics that you feel you are comfortable with. Slowly and gradually, you will start building up a community with the similar interest as that of yours. You will have more and more of audience who will read your articles for information. Make sure to be consistent in your approach and choose one particular language to put your content forward. Reach out to more people who have similar likings and your blogs may start trending.


We all are good in certain areas of skills. You can use your skills to get your monthly pocket money. If you possess good leadership and communication skills, you can go on and try out a Human Resource Internship. If you feel that you have some great coding skills, you can opt for Programming Internships. Most of the internships provide a certain amount of stipend to the interns. This will not only pay you for your role but will also provide you with experience in a proper workspace. You will learn many different things in the process. You can even freelance by offering different services to different clients. It will help you strengthen both your hard and soft skills.


This word has been heard by all of us and is quite in use lately. Influencers are those people who are recognised by a group or community and their voice matters to those who are a part of it. They often perform marketing and branding of products and services through their social media platforms. Small and big companies approach them for this purpose because they have a huge fan following or a community of people who would listen to what they say. For example, if you are a beauty influencer, the cosmetic or skincare companies will approach you to do the marketing of their products and in return, they will pay you a certain amount for doing so.


If you are a person who is into clicking aesthetic and mindblowing pictures of anything and everything, you can use those pictures to earn some extra bucks. You can advertise yourself online and showcase the audience some of your marvellous clicks to attract them. Once the customers start liking your pictures, you will not only earn money but will also gain recognition in the field of photography. Some people also prefer this field as their main job and excel in it.


These were some of the methods which are in trend these days to earn some cash. Research more on these topics and you will definitely end with something in your favour.



Chetna Singh

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