Mysteries have always fascinated the humans in different ways. Be it the Devil’s Triangle also known as ‘the Bermuda Triangle’ ,’the Blood Falls’ in Antarctica or the ‘Crooked Forest’’ in Poland, all them have left the mortals with awe and fascination. We have been watching movies and animes which show time travelling of the characters which often creates a sense of excitement among the viewers. But is that something that can actually be done in real life? Have you encountered any such person who claims to come from past or future? Well, probably not. It is something that the present science does not agree with. But there was also a time when people did not know that they could talk to someone who was miles away by just dialling few numbers on a gadget but science developed with time and provided us with millions of possibilities. So, why can’t this be actually true? Though in present day scenario, we do not have any sort of evidence or authentication but looking at the progress science has made in due course of time, this is not impossible to happen. We have collected 5 true stories of time travelling which the world has seen until now.



  • John Titor

All the people who are inclined and are interested in mysterious happenings in the world have definitely heard about ‘John Titor’. Around two decades back, this person came up on internet and stormed it off. He introduced himself as a soldier from the year 2036 who wanted to get to the year 1975 to get IBM 5100 which could help fight the virus present in his time. According to this person, he stopped by in the year 2000 to have a look at his younger self who was three years old at that time. He answered to the people’s curious questions and mentioned that it may happen that the timeline has been affected because of him returning to past from the future. He was last heard on 24 march, 2001 when he left and was never heard or seen ever again.

  • Rudolph Fentz

There is yet another case which makes the people curious about the incident. Rudolph Fentz was one such individual who appeared in the Times Square out of nowhere in 1950 wearing clothes of the Victorian era. According to reports, he disappeared nearly 74 years ago and did not show up until now. He did not look older than what he used to look like 74 years ago. When he appeared in the Times Square, he was confused with the environment where he had shown up. Unfortunately, he got hit by a car there and collapsed. Investigations were done but nothing could be found out. Later, the police got to know that around 1870’s, a person named Rudolph Fentz had went for a random walk at the evening and never returned back. No traces of his death could be found. People suspect that he could possibly be a time traveller.

  • The Chronovisor

Vatican has been a place of mysterious and bizzare  stuffs. An individual known as father Pellegrino Ernetti who was a benedictine monk claimed that he had helped to invent a device known as ‘The Chronovisor’ which could actually see through time. According to him, he used to observe the crucifixion of Jesus Christ through the time machine. The time machine was built by 12 scientists and this was kept as a secret until 1960’s. he said that it could catch waves and echoes which have been floating in space since the time immemorial and link itself with it to present the happenings of the past.



  • The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was another story of time travelling which was also known as Project Rainbow according to which, an experiment was performed by the US navy on 28 October, 1943. It was based on Einstein’s Unified Field Theory which claimed connection between gravity and electromagnetism. They were attempting to render the USS Eldridge invisible. The destroyer was instantly transported from Philadelphia to Norfolk, Virginia and then again to Philadelphia. The side effects caused mental disorders and re-materialisation in different forms as well.

  • Hipster Time Traveller

A black and white picture was clicked back in 1941 in Gold Bridge, British Columbia. Everyone was celebrating the inauguration of the South Fork Bridge. Men and women which were present in the picture were wearing the clothes of same tradition but what was unexpected and weird in the picture was that a person with completely different attire and personality could be seen right at the centre. It seemed as something very unusual because no one of that era used to wear such clothes. People suspect him to be a time traveller. His haircut, sunglasses and the complete persona did not match with anyone of that period of time. He stood out of the crowd because of his appearance. It felt as if he had walked out of a Depeche mode concert in 1990 and appeared in 1941 out of nowhere.

Chetna Singh

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